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Some of the words most praise the child should be taboo, don’t personally bury the child potential – [children] maternal Sohu original, reproduced please standard source you usually praise children, there are some taboo words? Do you know how some words will shape a child’s mind? Do you know that this mode of thinking can even determine the child’s life? Willion is the most charismatic entrepreneurs in Hongkong, his son Andy in abroad often obtain A excellent results, a friend one day Willion Andy sincere praise is a very clever boy, in front of the children, Willion said: "don’t praise him clever, it makes him narcissism!" All the people were laughing, Willion said seriously: "I am serious, this is a scientific basis." The child nodded and said, "yes, I think so." American social psychologist Carol Dweck? Have done an experiment, he called the United States a number of local students divided into two groups of AB, the 1 round: easy test to let the children do, and then to the two groups of children of different feedback. Group A: the staff said to them, "you’re smart." B: the staff said to them, "you’re working hard."". The 2 round: to prepare the papers and the difficulty of the difficulty of the examination papers to make children choose. A group: almost half of the children choose low difficulty papers; B group: most of the children choose the difficulty of the examination paper. The 3 round: the first round of the simple paper to do all the children. Group A: score decreased 20%; B group: performance increased by 30%. A different evaluation, even lead to such a surprising result. Not only is because young children can believe that "authority", such as parents, teachers, coaches and experts, can be said to be 100% of the believer, but also because of the different evaluation in their hearts will create a different mode of thinking. To instill "smart", a fixed type of thinking because they are "smart" by the authorities recognized, as they believe, "smart" is their capital, also do not need to do what things can be in an advantageous position, so that children can easily form the fixed mode of thinking. Such children tend to be more likely to express themselves, to love, to be more anxious, to tend to result or result oriented learning. While they love make choices, easy to choose that they are "smart" things, such as the above group A children in the choice of low difficulty papers, confident enough small part is called smart kids while the high difficulty of papers, but their heart is uneasy and anxious, because if you choose the wrong the threat of their "smart" status. To instill "efforts", develop growth oriented thinking like "smart" group of children, has been praised for their effort also believe their "very hard", in order to maintain the consistency of the inside and outside, they will focus on "hard", "hard" is a process of continuous action, so this kind of thinking is the growth of the children. Them?相关的主题文章: