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Some places in the illegal "decision"   key projects to evade the regulatory environment — Guangxi channel — original title: some places to engage in illegal "decision-making" key projects to evade the regulatory environment [thing] recently, some local governments have hung the title "key project" illegal cases of repeated exposure. The first is not built, did not experience the first vote, without changing the design scheme of the so-called "key project" free escape, environmental regulation phenomenon has intensified. In the most stringent environmental laws and environmental protection under the supervision of the central government, there are still some places to engage in illegal "decision", and not in the situation, improve the regional environmental quality adversely. Or for the development and construction of local economic considerations, or for the performance needs of some parts of the municipal road network, large public facilities, resettlement point of construction project is known as the "key" or "people’s livelihood", then to "scheduling" "push" and other forms of "simplified" process, "teshiteban". Some of them belong to the real key projects, some of them are eager for quick success and instant benefit. Some of the local environmental protection department knows it, but laissez faire, resulting in the so-called "key projects before construction is approved, the construction side edge batch, built without inspection and other illegal cases have occurred. Local governments are responsible for the environmental quality of the area. No matter what kind of construction projects should be promoted, they should take the lead in abiding by the law. If sacrifice the credibility of the legal system and environmental responsibility bottom line as the price, it is bound to the local ecological environmental protection work hidden trouble, to improve the regional environmental quality is unfavorable. Some places are environmental legal consciousness, environmental protection is the key of the party with responsibility for conducting pressure, lack of "inadequate accountability, there are still a few leaders to my site I call the shots" and "willful thought to check and rectification of" luck. I think that, for this avoidance of environmental regulation "black light" construction projects, must positively, increase accountability efforts, the formation of environmental responsibility and ask the high-pressure situation against environmental violations. To this end, can organize the local provincial key construction project of peer review, the investigation of the problem, the provincial peer review group combing summary report the relevant departments of the state according to law. On problems, seriously, the influence of "black light" project, in accordance with the law of environmental protection and ecological environmental damage "leading cadres accountability measures (Trial)" and other regulations, strict accountability of local leading cadres and the responsibility of the relevant departments; constitute criminal liability, firmly transferred to the judicial departments investigated, in order to fall to force the local key construction projects according to law, norms, strict management. At the same time, we should strengthen the Party leadership problems highlighted areas of environmental protection law and policy study, and by the regional environmental supervision centers inspectors, make up the less homework. Take this as a warning, the main party leaders of local recurrence of such problems should be seriously accountable, and implement more stringent regional restrictions, supervise the handling, the total pollutant control measures. In accordance with the laws and regulations of environmental protection law, construction projects must be open to the public, "key projects" is no exception. Remove confidential technology, including the basic situation of the project, pollutant emissions, environmental impact assessment, pollution control facilities and other information shall be truthfully to the public, accept the supervision of the public. Therefore, the relevant departments should 一些地方搞违法“决策” 重点项目逃避环境监管–人民网广西频道–人民网 原标题:一些地方搞违法“决策” 重点项目逃避环境监管 【一事一议】 近期,挂有某些地方政府头衔的“重点项目”违法案件屡屡被曝光。未评先建、未验先投、擅自变更设计方案等所谓“重点项目”逃避、游离环境监管的现象有愈演愈烈之势。在“最严环保法”及中央环保督查之下,仍有一些地方政府搞违法“决策”,与形势不合,于改善区域环境质量不利。 或出于地方经济发展和建设的考量,或出于政绩需要,一些地方的市政路网、大型公共设施、拆迁安置点等建设项目被冠以“重点”或“民生”之名,再以“调度会”“推进会”等形式“简化”流程、“特事特办”。其中,有的属于真正的重点项目,有的却出于急功近利的想法。而有些地方环保部门对此心知肚明,却放任不管,致使所谓的“重点项目”未批先建、边批边建、建而不验等违法情况时有发生。 地方政府对辖区环境质量负责,无论推进什么样的建设项目,都应带头守法。若以牺牲法制公信力、环保责任底线为代价,势必给当地生态环保工作埋下隐患,对改善区域环境质量不利。 一些地方之所以环保法律意识淡薄,关键是环保“党政同责”传导压力不足,问责力度不够,少数领导仍存在“我的地盘我做主”的任性思想和“查到了再整改”的侥幸心理。笔者以为,对于这种逃避环保监管的“灯下黑”建设项目,必须断然处理,加大追责力度,形成环保问责和打击环境违法的双高压态势。 为此,可组织开展省际地方重点建设项目互查,排查出问题后,由省际互查组梳理汇总后报国家有关部门依法处理。对问题突出、情况严重、影响较大的“灯下黑”项目,按照环境保护法和《党政领导干部生态环境损害责任追究办法(试行)》等规定,严格追究地方党政领导干部及相关部门的责任;构成刑事责任的,坚决移交司法部门查办,以此倒逼地方对“重点建设项目”依法、规范、从严管理。同时,还应加强问题突出地区党政领导层的环保法律政策再学习,并由区域环保督查中心督学,补足所欠功课。以此为戒,对再发生此类问题的地方党政主要领导应严肃追责,并实施更为严厉的区域限批、挂牌督办、污染物总量控制等措施。 按照环境保护法等法律法规的规定,建设项目须向社会公开,“重点项目”也不例外。除去涉及保密技术的情况,包括项目基本情况、污染物排放、环境影响评价、污染防治设施等信息,都须如实向社会公开,接受公众监督。因此,相关部门应监督项目单位做好信息公开工作,公众、环保社会组织亦有权对所公开信息的真实性进行监督。唯有在全社会形成齐抓共管的局面,才能遏制一些地方政府假借“重点项目”之名大搞违法“决策”。(刘贤春) (责编:庞冠华、陈露露)相关的主题文章: