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SONY released PS4 Pro: the price of $399 to support 4K and HDR games in Beijing on September 8th news, not only apple conference this morning, SONY’s PS conference is also full of attractions. The conference began, SONY went straight to the theme, launched the PS4 Pro game console, the machine will be listed in November. SONY PS4 Pro in the appearance of the design of a lot of heavy PS4, using three story design, thickness increased by more than the previous 30%. At the same time, PS4 Pro in addition to backward compatibility, PS4 works can help patch "upward compatible", to provide higher quality games for Pro users. SONY did not detail the hardware parameters of PS4 Pro, only that it can support 4K game resolution, HDR screen technology, high-definition TV live and PS VR virtual reality masterpiece. According to earlier news, it is still equipped with a customized version of AMD Jaguar APU. Which CPU clocked up to 2.1GHz, 1.3 times faster; GPU in the CU unit to increase the frequency of up to 911MHz, floating point performance soared by 2.3 times. Memory, PS Neo is still using 8GB GDDR5, the total bandwidth is now increased from 176Gb s to 218Gb s, up 1.24 times as much. Based on the above comprehensive upgrade, PS Neo will have 4K resolution, there is news that the developers have in the PS Neo 1080p resolution ran out of the high frame rate 90fps. In addition, SONY PlayStation global president Andrew ·, said Moorhouse, HDR function is not exclusive to the new PS4 host, the old version of PS4 can enjoy the same. SONY confirmed that all PS4 users will receive a new system upgrade push next week, including HDR support. So far, all PS games will support HDR. According to the plan, PS4 Pro will be officially released in November 10th of this year, the U.S. price of $399, the price of 44980 yen in japan. (about 2660 yuan)相关的主题文章: