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Football South United Football Club (SUFC) is a professional football club based out of Bangalore Super Division. Consisting of a majority of Indian players, it was founded in August 2012 and is promoted by Lokko Sports Pvt. Ltd. Mr. LOKKNATH R CHAR is the Founder and CEO of Lokko Sports Pvt Ltd (India). Lokknath Char said the long-term goal of the club was to provide employment to the players as well as perfect a self-sustaining model of management. "We’re looking to bridge the gap between elite and grassroots sports while encouraging youngsters to take up sports as employment," said Char. SUFC got the backing of KSFA president AR Khaleel, with the veteran administrator stating the club would be given a direct entry to the Super Division next season, a clause in the KSFA constitution allowing such a possibility. "We will also recommend their name for the second division of the I-League next season," he told reporters. The Head Coach is Mr. Raman Vijayan who has played for and worked with football clubs and institutions all over India since 1990, and represented the country for 3 years.He has also coached big league teams in India like the Mohammedan Sporting Club in Kolkatta and owns the Residential Football Academy (Noble Football Academy) in Tamil Nadu. Our aim is to unite the South so that it becomes one of the biggest football playing regions in India. Hence the name South United. We aspire to generate employment for young footballers and provide them with a career path into the professional sporting world. We desire to win the I League by 2020 and create International level Indian players who will be capable of competing worldwide. The South United Football Club Academy is looking to train and produce brilliant young players of International skill and standard. Our Philosophy is to train not only physically, but strategically and intricately so each player understands what is required to win on and off the field. About Lokko Sports At Lokko Sports Pvt. Ltd our aim is to put India on the global sporting map. We hope to achieve this through the advancement and development of sporting infrastructure, education, standard of play and properties. Lokko Sports aims to provide resources and facilities to promote all sports in India. We also intend to arrange more and more social activities for its members, which would in turn be a step towards an increase in community participation and involvement in events and ultimately, in sports. South United Football Club, Football Clubs in South India, I League, I-Leage, Lokko Sports, Lokko Sports Pvt Ltd, Football Clubs in India, South United Football Club, South United FC, South United, Raman Vijayan, Lokknath R Char, Football Promotion in India, Santosh Trophy, Stephen, Indian Football, Indian Football Club, Football League india, Football Leagues india, Soccer club in india, Bangalore Super Division League ..southutdfc../ About the Author: 相关的主题文章: