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Star flight information openly selling information disclosure in a corner of iceberg opened – Sohu news recently Chinese Olympic athletes from Rio Zhang Jike and other star players triumph, flight, and even seats are fans informed in advance, this event has become a hot topic for leakage of flight information. It is reported that, due to flight information disclosure, some people receive a flight canceled before starting to change such as fraud information, so many people fooled, the loss of money. Here, let us uncover the tip of the iceberg of flight information leakage. Not long ago, micro-blog certified named "entertainment critic" netizens "leggy Hu pong" released a micro-blog on the Internet, micro-blog content called Zhang Jike participated in a program to fly to Beijing, the plane first-class cabin and business class all the tickets were all "sasaeng fans" (crazy fans buy) light, no way, they finally and staff into the economy…. , ". Micro-blog content, let the star reselling flight information industry chain surfaced. Some netizens said that this star flight information reselling It is quite common for on micro-blog, the reporter then tried to "Star flight" as the keyword search on the Internet, resulting in dozens of suspected of reselling the flight information of the account, some account of the profile directly labeled "star query flights, documents and so on, please message or add WeChat, a micro-blog reporter in the name" Si S flight information "people send private messages asking price, the other replied, flight identification number, star can find her to buy, the price is the same, mobile phone number, address, WeChat and other information according to the celebrity size, welcome the degree of price will be different. When a reporter asked whether the preferential purchase star of the personal information, the self styled entertainment blogger is put forward, can pay 160 yuan, 260 yuan fee, made her acting, get more information and sell foreign stars. In addition to the flight information to the fans, a lot of flight information into the hands of the fraud Gang, Chinese former badminton player Xie Xingfang last year due to flight information disclosure, encounter change ticket scam cheated 40 thousand yuan. Reporters in Hubei Shiyan met a man who was involved in the illegal flight information LiuMou, Liu Mou in Shiyan opened a commercial company, he was a private investigation of the QQ group, found someone selling aviation information query account. Suspect Ryu: and then chat with him, when he will give you a private account to you, and then feel no problem, then buy a. Reporter: what is the concept of the aviation account, what information can be checked? Liu suspects: for example, we use a personal identity card, and then be able to query the flight records and booking within 30 days, and did not fly tickets can be seen. LiuMou in a account monthly price of 200 yuan, bought 20 check account, most of these accounts were he to reclaim a monthly price of 600 yuan. He used the remaining 2 accounts in his hand, to help others query information on civil aviation passenger more than 1 thousand and 300, one of the effective information, which is not taking off flight information, charge more than 2200 yuan. Some of this information is in the hands of the fraud.相关的主题文章: