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Hope to hear the truth   Betty sun new boot; "that bloom" into playing war — Liaoning channel — original title: new hope to hear the truth "Betty sun boot" that bloom into the rivers and lakes play war by Li starred in the TV series "that bloom on a perfect circle" in the starting ceremony held recently, leaving 8 years short Betty sun, also for the new hair, officially started the shoot. In October, although the boot in the cold wind, but not all creative enthusiasm, Sun Li was wearing a long white version of sweaters, sometimes laugh at the scene, hold a "scissors hand" and small actors sometimes face photo, praying the film will be officially opened her role as the heroine Zhou Ying’s legendary life. This time, Sun Li into the folk market life, contaminated with " Jianghu gas " tells the story of the late Qing Dynasty origin of Shaanxi female richest man Zhou Ying ups and downs of life. Once again, with Ding Hei, Sun Li laughed: "" he told me the truth, and hoped he could tell me the truth later."". Sun Li with jianghuqi Polish Zhou Ying "legendary life circle" since the month that bloom published by Sun Li starring, and again after 14 years to join the "jade goddess of mercy" director Ding black, quickly lead to universal hot, boarded the hot search champion position. The drama of painstaking preparations, polished script for five years, mainly in the salt Jingyang County in Shaanxi province Wubao Jia Wu family history and the basis of creation, the origin of folk early Zhou Ying Town, rivers and lakes full of gas, but because the girl was originally a quack,???? in the East Wu Institute, a miracle became a housewife, unprovoked into the various interests of the game in. When the husband Wu hired after the death of Zhou Ying began to show her business thinking and strategy, not only to keep its promise to face the embarrassment of the family still adhere to the "honest and trustworthy, even leading the turbulent situation in the road of reform, taking the glorious history of Qin River, ascertain the fate of women and historical change. Talking about how actors face the challenges of the market, Sun Li bluntly " do not understand the market, not to analyze the market, think the role and the actor itself seems to be "past and present", there is a fate in traction, for Zhou Ying is love at first sight. Again 14 years later, Sun Li is looking forward to cooperation continue to speak the truth Ding black " " Sun Li and Ding black director of cooperation can be traced back to 2002, the "jade goddess of mercy", she was still new with the open visibility, Sun Li laughed and said "when I say to him is not an actor, is a never play girl. So he can talk to me in some of the most authentic languages, without any modifiers." Compared with the present respect and respect, Sun Li expresses " with a little desire; in fact, I prefer my director opponent, or the feeling of learning from each other, so I hope Ding black " can continue to tell me the truth". Since the film was released, many people have been expecting it highly, but some netizens worry that the role repeats the "legendary female" routines. For the choice criteria of the role, Sun Li believes that each character is actually not replicable, using fashion 孙俪新戏开机望听真话 《那年花开》入江湖玩商战–辽宁频道–人民网 原标题:孙俪新戏开机望听真话 《那年花开》入江湖玩商战   由孙俪主演的电视剧《那年花开月正圆》日前在山西举办开机仪式,留了八年短发的孙俪,也为新戏留起长发,正式进组拍摄。时值十月,虽然在寒风中开机,却不减众主创们的热情,孙俪身穿一款白色长版毛衣外套,在现场时而开怀大笑,高举「剪刀手」与小演员合照,时而一脸虔诚祈祷拍摄顺利,正式拉开她所饰演女主角周莹传奇的一生。此次,孙俪走入民间市井生活,沾染"江湖气",讲述清末出身民间的陕西女首富周莹跌宕起伏的人生。对于再次与导演丁黑合作,孙俪笑说:"他最对我说真话,希望他之后也可以对我说真话”。   孙俪沾染江湖气 打磨周莹传奇人生   《那年花开月正圆》自公布由孙俪领衔主演,也是14年后再度携手《玉观音》导演丁黑后,迅速引发全民热议,登上各大热搜冠军位置。该剧潜心筹备、打磨剧本长达五年之久,主要以陕西省泾阳县盐商大贾安吴堡吴氏家族的史实为基础创作而成,剧中周莹出身民间市井,前期江湖气十足,原本是江湖少女,却因????入吴家东院,奇迹般成了少奶奶,无端陷入各种利益博弈中。当丈夫吴聘去世后,周莹开始展现她的商业思维与谋略,不仅信守承诺,面对家族的困窘依然坚持诚实守信,甚至引领了动荡时局的改革之路,在秦商历史辉煌长河中,探知女性的命运与历史变迁。谈及如何演员如何面对市场的挑战,孙俪直言自己"不懂市场,也不去分析市场”,认为角色和演员本身就好像是”前世今生”,冥冥之中有种缘分在牵引,对周莹就是一见钟情。   14年后再度合作 孙俪期待丁黑继续"讲真话"   孙俪与丁黑导演的合作最早要追溯到2002年的《玉观音》,当时还是新人的她凭借此剧打开知名度,孙俪笑说”那时候我对他来讲也不是演员,就是一个从来没演过戏的女孩。所以他可以用一些最真实的语言,不带任何修饰符号的语言跟我说话。”相较于现在大家对自己的客气与尊重,孙俪略带渴望的表示"其实我更愿意我的导演对手,还是可以互相学习的那种感觉”所以希望丁黑"可以继续对我说真话”。该剧自从公布开拍以来,不少人对这部新剧抱以高度期待,但是也有网友担心,角色重复「传奇女性」的套路?对于角色的选择标准,孙俪认为”每个角色其实都是不可复制的,用时装的话来讲,就是高级订制”。时隔一年精挑剧本遇见周莹,且看孙俪如何演绎这个江湖味与传奇性并存的角色,赋予她截然不同的生命力。’ (责编:孝媛、汤龙)相关的主题文章: