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Super Premium mainland program? Wong Cho Lam: it’s not my turn yet Wong Cho Lam said it would take "3" wireless play Laobiao "ChinaStar Sambo" Miriam Yeung, Edmond Leung and William So (left) memorable rookie Sina entertainment news Beijing on August 30th news in that year, according to Hongkong media reports, the artist Wong Cho Lam Miriam Yeung, [micro-blog] [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Edmond Leung and William So etc. last night (August 29th) in the city of Eric Tsang [micro-blog] TV video game show "I love Hongkong". The recent rumors of mainland authorities to limit the artist to participate in film and television production charge exorbitant fee, often make money back to the mainland Wong Cho Lam referred to earlier performance shows, the reward of up to 13 million yuan. He said: "of course not, these are incorrect information. (is it even higher?) Commercial secrets, in a word, I am reasonable and very cost-effective. (the naming of Xun Zhou said the fee is too high) is the most important value for money (worry affected?) I have not been the most expensive, the number has been down, a row are not my turn! "Wong Cho Lam said to the mainland show approached, later will return to the" 3 "Laobiao wireless shoot dramas, the implementation will have a new role to join. And last night (August 29th) to play the game, he represented the "Sha Tin race," evoke childhood memories: "my classmate with Joey Yung [micro-blog], Huang Cuiru sister then bullied sister Huang Cuiru, make him cry, grow up to now regret, regardless, we are good friends." When the "star Miriam Yeung, Edmond Leung and William So Sambo" represents the "Causeway Bay" race, said three people enrolled in the year memorable rookie, William So smiled and said: "I’m the entry of more than 4 thousand people, by the stage to a Percival Street tram road, really exaggerated." Miriam Yeung often refers to himself in Tongluowan linger in this area, the son to school. (Ying Ying) (commissioning editor: Sammi-H)相关的主题文章: