Suppression of the coal price rally twice expansion of coal production and development winpm

Inhibition of coal prices rebounded twice expansion of coal production capacity – NDRC Beijing China News Agency, Beijing (reporter Zhou Rui) in September 23, the coal production capacity, reduce the effect of high temperature and less rain and other weather factors, China coal prices continued to rise recently, parts supply. In order to stabilize the price of coal, China’s national development and Reform Commission since September has been the two consecutive start response mechanism to expand coal production capacity. National Development and Reform Commission official said 23, in the efforts of all parties, 1-8 months, China’s coal production fell by about 10%. The drop in demand situation, the relationship between supply and demand is obviously improved, all coal prices have achieved obvious rise, Qinhuangdao port 5500 kcal coal per ton rose 180 yuan over the beginning. The responsible person said, after seeing the capacity to achieve positive results at the same time, the official also noted that in recent times, the market price of coal was rising too quickly, in some areas and some electric power, iron and steel enterprises supply tight situation. Currently about to enter the winter storage of coal preparation period, the coal industry should be integrated to guarantee a stable supply capacity, and promote the market prices remain at a reasonable level. In the national development and Reform Commission, in addition to the production capacity of this factor, the current rise in coal prices by some objective circumstances. Since July, most parts of the country continued high temperatures and little rain, high temperature air conditioning electricity consumption increased sharply, little rain caused hydropower in the power supply in the "contribution" reduced, these two reasons of power amount increased, thus pushing up the price of coal. The responsible person said, to stabilize the price of coal at the beginning of September, the national development and Reform Commission jointly with relevant departments to formulate a stable supply of coal, coal prices rose too fast suppression plan, and start the two level response, increase coal production of about 300 thousand tons, this week launched a response, to increase production capacity on the scale of 500 thousand tons. In addition, the national development and Reform Commission will also take a flexible production quantitative production system to meet the requirements of advanced production capacity, the annual production time can be from 276 working days to 330 working days. The official stressed that the relevant departments have investigated the follow-up policy measures, the next step, depending on changes in the coal market, if prices continue to increase, the national development and Reform Commission will science advanced production quantity, coal supply will not be a big problem". Although in the short term through the release of advanced capacity to stabilize the market, but the national development and Reform Commission pointed out that the watch can not be shaken China coal capacity to resolve the long-term. The official stressed that in 2020 China’s total energy consumption is expected to be less than 50 tons of standard coal, coal consumption up to 41 tons. At present, the total size of the various types of coal production capacity of the country are likely to exceed 60 tons. Therefore, the coal production capacity to control production not only confidence can not be shaken, efforts are not weakened, otherwise, coal prices may decline again, the development of the coal industry turnaround will be difficult to achieve. (end)相关的主题文章: