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Survey: 61% of respondents oppose foreign roommate rental beds – Sohu open education 207 bedroom door, you will find that it is not too much difference with any girls dormitory: the narrow space, 20 square meters of houses crammed 8 girls bedside hanger draped the towel, pajamas, littered with express box shower basket, sandals, luggage, open, a chair with a backrest stacked on a change of clothes, backpacks and sunshade. Chen Xi lived here before. In June, she and two other roommates began a half year internship, because they were not local, so the 3 beds were empty. They choose their beds to rent for the second time the sister school. "Some students in our school will rent out an empty bed, especially to the ‘postgraduate entrance examination’." Chen Xi added, together with the campus card rental." In August this year, China University Media Union for the 1632 students by questionnaire survey, the results showed that 9% of the respondents have student rental beds, 61% of respondents opposed the roommate of the bed for lease, 31% of respondents said "according to the lease object and self familiarity and has". If you have an empty bed, 57% of respondents said they do not want to rent to outsiders, and 34% of the students said, depending on the level of their own understanding of the lease object and roommate attitude". "Two bed East" to "build up the family fortunes" Chen Xi for the first time to rent out his bed is in the second. At that time, she spent an entire semester as an exchange student in Taiwan. Posted in the school post, a few minutes, someone contacted her. "The school is everywhere Qiuzu so it will not consider a lot." Chen Xi said. Even if the instructor is also in the grade of the WeChat group, there are students directly asked if anyone would like to rent a bed. Before renting out his bed, Chen Xizheng asked his roommates for advice. After determining that everyone can accept, she rented out the price of 350 yuan per month. No uniform rental market price, but in the school post bar, a bed of the same conditions to be higher than the price of 100. The capital city in the central region, nearby residents of the building room rental price between 1000~1500 yuan. "Because my roommate rented it first, and then I got a price for her." Chen Xitan Chen, the rent his bed she is friends, have some understanding of each other. She is most worried about the tenant will not bother the roommate PubMed review, no other concerns". Now the 8 quarters of the dormitory is the postgraduate entrance examination, the summer has chosen to stay in school review. As a roommate, Liu Dan has a heart on the alert of strangers, but also had differences in living habits have concerns, but she felt that roommate said to rent out, we do not say anything". After the "new roommate", Liu Dante set up a WeChat group, the existing 8 people dragged into the dormitory. But the WeChat group in the end, she introduced the dormitory daily matters such as water after a silent presence. We usually communicate very little, sometimes one day also can not say a word, like not see". "In fact, they still live here.相关的主题文章: