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Taiwan poet Xi Murong Nankai talk "home" feeling – Beijing, Beijing, 20 September Tianjin Xinhua: Taiwan poet Xi Murong Nankai talk "home" feeling reporter Zhang Daozheng "horse has some people have heart, heart, heart heart Ma also homesick, ma." 19 evening, Taiwan famous poet Xi Murong appeared in Tianjin, the Nankai University lecture "mother of the prairie", "home" feeling. Xi Murong was born in Chongqing in 1943 and grew up in Taiwan. His parents are from Inner Mongolia. She is Taiwan modern female poet, essayist Chinese, famous painter. Taught at the Department of fine arts, Tokai University. In 1981, Taiwan land published Xi Murong’s first book of poetry, "seven miles of incense". After the publication of the book caused a sensation, selling to reprinted six times within a short period of time, in the Chinese circle. In recent years, Xi Murong often return to the mainland, in a variety of occasions, especially in the speech on the prairie home. For living in the south of Xi Murong, separated by thousands of miles of the Mongolia plateau has been in her life indelible gene. 1989, 46 year old Xi Murong was the first time to see the prairie of Inner Mongolia. There she goes after her father’s mother’s river. Sky, grassland and herdsmen…… Everything in his hometown was a strong blow to the poet’s soul. The Tianjin speech, Xi Murong also deliberately picked a fine not speak native symbols — ma. She was at Nankai University to "in the mother’s grasslands meet Baicha horses" began pouring out his deep affection on Mongolia plateau. "There seems to be a definite link between the horse and the grassland, which makes the shepherd, even in the modern means of transport such as motorcycles and cars, still reluctant to give up their horses." Xi Murong showed his speech taken in search of Mongolia plateau in the journey of a photo. Painting and sculpture…… Full of nomadic people’s respect for nature. "The horse on the prairie is very keen on the direction of his hometown." Xi Murong said, in 60s the last century a horse was sent to Vietnam’s horses, flowers do not know how long time back in Ulan Bator, skinny, was hurt. See master after large tears out of the horse’s eyes, the owner and it "head" cry. She also said that at the same time, a painter came to Mongolia, Mongolia, Vietnam, a dirty, thin, slowly approaching him. The artist knew that the horse said, "I know you are from Mongolia. Can you take me home?" "The horse has some people have heart, heart, heart heart Ma also homesick, ma." Xi Murong said, on the prairie a precious Mongolia horse "heel horse" also let her worried. The horse hoof is qualitative hard and the name, according to legend was the special Gen Gi Khan guards the horses. Faced with the impact of modern life on the horse, the horse, Xi Murong also with some experts and two honest and resolute herdsmen a mother in grassland on a horse, horse treks support. I told his scene, shepherd and horse friendship always makes Xi Murong with tears in her eyes. As the descendants of the Mongolian people, Xi Murong and the classical poetry of everyone in Hulun Buir in 2005, Ye Jiaying came to Inner Mongolia. A journey of 8 days, two people on the east of Greater Khingan Range, West to Baerhu grass)相关的主题文章: