Take these four strokes! Wardrobe is no longer afraid of mildew! 9c8814

Take these four strokes! Wardrobe is no longer afraid of mildew! [introduction] Chu Home Furnishing wardrobe is essential in our daily life furniture, but the wooden wardrobe in the maintenance is also sloppy. Home closet moldy how to do? What are the methods of removing mildew in closet? Don’t worry, today Xiaobian to kibitz. Home wardrobe once made a mold not only to suffer the cabinet itself, did not wear clothes. Small to give us some ingenious solution here, a look at it! First, when the closet moldy, we should first pay attention to the place where the long mildew clean, the general can be wiped with a dry paper towel, or brush with a dry brush to wipe out the moldy place. If the brush is not clean, wipe with a damp cloth to the line, can often be very convenient to get rid of mildew. Two, if found to have mold, in addition to the mold with a cloth to wipe clean, we also need to brush on varnish, so as to effectively prevent mildew. Mildew is caused by paint problems, therefore, can also be used to wash the rainforest, and then wipe clean cloth. Three, air humidity is easy to mold, we can put some quicklime at home, not only can moisture, but also has the efficacy of disinfection. If the wardrobe excessive moisture, can put in the wardrobe on tungsten light bulbs, open in moisture, reduce the moisture in the wardrobe, wardrobe to keep dry. Four, the mold into the home, easy to cause some respiratory diseases, in order to prevent such a situation, you can put some desiccant in the closet, to excess water sucked in the closet, let the closet more dry. At the same time, can also put some orange peel in the closet, to clear the effects of environmental protection, but also pay attention to often open the window. After the usual with wet mop up, but also to the ventilation window. Xiaobian summary: wardrobe moldy not only affect the home environment, but also harmful to health, so be sure to pay attention to the timely cleaning and maintenance wardrobe oh!相关的主题文章: