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Ten Li Bao shop Yokado stores posted closure notice in case of winter Pacific department stores have closed shop – Beijing Channel – people.com.cn original title: Ocean Department stores have closed shop in winter according to the meteorological department forecast that this year will be in Beijing under the influence of La Nina through a cold winter. However, the cold winter of the foreign – funded department store is ahead of the bad weather. Recently, ten stores, shopping malls Yokado Li Bao Sun Palace Parkson stores closed shop have heard the news, there have been confirmed, which was accompanied by the citizens of Beijing ocean department store will be concluded by the end of October this year. Ten Li Bao shop Yokado stores next month at the end of the Chaoyang bid farewell to the 5 p.m. Tuesday, the reporters came to the ten Fort shop Yokado shopping malls, shopping malls and the right door stood two red back, a post for the "notice", is a shopping card back card and subsequent use notice. Business signs show: due to company restructuring, ten Li Bao shop Yokado shopping malls will be out of business in November 1, 2016. The four and five floors of the shopping mall are finally open to October 28, 2016, and the shopping mall and the underground layer are finally open to October 31, 2016. In particular, at present, the "equipment and facilities are in a normal running state", making consumers feel comfortable shopping. Just because of the rush hour and the popularity of the mall, if it is not the closing notice at the doorway and all floors, there is no sign of closing the store. At the entrance of a layer of shopping malls, a lady’s scarf shop is discounting, and aunts are snapping around in a flower cart. The whole layer is distributed with cosmetics, women’s shoes, gold jewelry and other products. In the middle part of the leisure area, the discount underwear and elderly coat are occupied, and the layout is slightly messy. Mall 2 main youth girls and women’s boutique, the distribution of Etam, e.land (E? LAND), Ou Shili (ochirly), Lily and so on, but these brands are aging, for the younger generation of consumers in a weak attraction ZARA, C&A, H&M and other fast fashion brand Forever21. The 4 layer is mainly home appliances and home textiles, and the cashier has been suspended. On the same day, a supermarket in the underground is still very popular, and the shopping checkout needs to wait in line. A queue up consumer told reporters that the supermarket is very fresh, and there are many Japanese imported cosmetics and food, they come to them once a week, but there are few clothes upstairs. Closed shop after shop, go away to the city. Sun Palace Parkson stores women moved ten Li Bao shop empty and 1/4 Yokado shopping malls compared also closed shop at the end of October the sun palace Parkson stores to bust a lot, at the entrance of a large lock half glass door, leaving only the revolving door entry. Although the market does not see any closure notice, but the staff said only open until the end of October, the store scene also indirectly proved this point. Most of the fashion women’s clothes on the 3 floor are homemade brands that can’t be named, 1/4 shops have been empty, and the rest of the shops are also cold. Part of the empty shop closed the store with yellow big block. Some stores left the window model and the slippers in the fitting room when they moved away. The 4 level is men’s wear and sports brand. The employees are busy packing boxes in cardboard boxes. The big boxes are stacked up beside shops. Only the empty music and tearing tape can be heard in the mall. On the 6 and 7 floors, no figures were seen. All the elevators were stopped. There was only one cage in the catering area, but none of the guests were. In the nearly 1 hours of the reporter’s observation, there were more than 10 people in the shopping area except for more people in the subterranean dining area. Similar to ten in Fort shop Yokado, underground dining area Parkson is also not rich. Nowadays, consumers are mostly in the way of dining and shopping, and the concentration of food and beverage is the guarantee of attracting passenger flow. But in the ten Fort restaurant brand only joined McDonald’s and Sallie two underground dining area is more like Parkson Shopping Mall staff canteen, mostly ten, more than 20 rice, Hand-Pulled Noodle, called on the name of the catering business on the home of Yoshino Yachi, it is difficult to attract consumers to. The scenery of foreign department stores is no longer closed. Is the Fort District ten Yokado shopping malls in the star department store, founded by Japan’s Ito Yokado by way of joint venture, as the first store in Beijing, once with 30% of the total sales area. Baisheng group is the largest department store in Malaysia, and enjoys the reputation of "the first store of foreign capital department stores". Now, with ten stores in the fort, Huatang has closed 9 stores in Beijing in October 7, after still normal operation will be the only store in Asian Sports Village, Fengtai road and Sanlitun food hall 2 stores. Baisheng, the last 4 years have been closed in China’s more than 10 stores, the performance has been in a state of loss. Moreover, when the consumer reporter consultation, Sun Palace shop a staff member said that the regular store Parkson will be shut down, but not yet issued a notice, then in Beijing Parkson will only fuxingmennei a solitary shop. But the news has not been confirmed by Baisheng. After 20 years of opening to China, the ocean scenery is no longer. Where is the problem in the end? Ten Li Bao shop closed shop Yokado came after the news, reporters call the Beijing Yokado planning minister Cheng Ning, the other said the shop is closed because of poor management, in order to stop. The ten Libao store did not keep up with the adjustment of consumers around 2008, and managed to manage the problem under the influence of online shopping, rent, and manpower. Earlier media reports have closed shop tide, Chinese Yokado or to exit the market, this Cheng Ning denied, said attention China total market companies, will in the future increase of Chinese market investment, and make strategic adjustments, mainly to improve the mode of operation. Guo Zengli, an industry information director of China shopping center, also said that in the early days of the media interview, the department store industry of Baisheng was not developed enough, and its brand advantage was obvious. With the emergence of a large number of department stores and shopping centers, Parkson did not make much changes to cope with the new competition pattern, and the proportion of retail area and catering no longer attracted consumers. Reporter Sun Wenwen J192 (commissioning editor Chen Yinuo and Gao Xing) 华堂商场十里堡店贴停业公告 洋百货遇寒冬相继关店–北京频道–人民网 原标题:洋百货遇寒冬相继关店   据气象部门预测,北京今年将在拉尼娜影响下度过一个冷冬。不过,外资百货业的寒冬先于坏天气到来。近日,华堂商场十里堡店、百盛太阳宫店相继传出关店消息,目前均已得到确认,这些曾经陪伴北京市民的洋百货将于今年10月底落下帷幕。   华堂商场十里堡店   下月底告别朝阳   周二下午5点多,记者来到华堂商场十里堡店,只见商场门口右侧放着两张红色背板,一张贴着停业《公告》,一张是购物卡后续使用及退卡事宜通知。停业告示牌显示:由于公司经营结构调整的原因,华堂商场十里堡店将于2016年11月1日起停止营业。商场四层、五层最终营业至2016年10月28日;商场一层、地下一层最终营业至2016年10月31日。公告中特别提到,目前“各项设备设施处于正常运转状态”,让消费者安心购物。   由于恰好是下班时间,商场里人气很旺,如果不是门口及各个楼层电梯口的停业公告,看不出要关店的痕迹。在一层商场入口处,一家女士丝巾店铺正在打折,阿姨们正围着花车抢购。整个一层分布着化妆品、女鞋、黄金饰品等品类,中间稍有空闲地方就被打折的内衣、中老年外套占据,布局略显凌乱。商场2层主打青春少女装和精品女装,分布着艾格、衣恋(E?LAND)、欧时力(ochirly)、Lily等,但这些品牌相对老化,对年轻一代消费者的吸引力弱于ZARA、H&M、C&A、Forever21等快时尚品牌。4层主要是家电、家纺,收银台已经暂停使用。当天,地下一层超市人气仍然旺盛,购物结账还需要排队等候。一位正在排队的消费者告诉记者,超市的东西很新鲜,有很多日本进口的化妆品、食品,自己每周都要来一次,但楼上的衣服逛的少。关店以后再逛,就得走远一点去大悦城了。   百盛太阳宫店   女装搬空四分之一   与华堂商场十里堡店相比,同样将于10月底闭店的百盛太阳宫店则要萧条很多,南门入口处一把大锁锁住了半边玻璃门,只留旋转门出入。虽然商场中并不见任何停业告示,但工作人员均表示只营业到10月底,店里的景象也间接证明了这一点。3楼的时尚女装大部分都是叫不上名字的国产品牌,有四分之一店铺已经搬空,剩下的店铺也是生意冷清。部分空店铺用黄色的大块挡板封闭了店面,有的店在搬走时留下了倒掉的橱窗模特、试衣间里的拖鞋。4层是男装和运动品牌,员工正忙着用纸箱打包衣服,大箱子胡乱堆积在店铺旁边,商场里只听得见空响着的音乐和撕扯胶带的声音。6楼、7楼更是不见人影,所有电梯停运,餐饮区只有一家笼立方在营业,但一个客人都没有。在记者观察的近1个小时时间里,除了地下就餐区人多一些,逛街的消费者不超过10人。   与华堂十里堡店情况类似,百盛的地下餐饮区也不够丰富。如今,消费者多是出门就餐顺便逛街,餐饮集中是吸引客流的保障。但华堂十里堡店餐饮品牌只有麦当劳和萨莉亚两家,百盛的地下餐饮区则更像是商场的员工食堂,大都是十几块、二十多的盖饭、拉面,叫得上名的餐饮企业就吉野家一家,难以吸引消费者前来。   洋百货风光不再   关店只为止损   想当年,洋百货风光一时。华堂商场是十里堡商圈里的明星百货,由日本株式会社伊藤洋华堂以合资方式成立,作为北京的首家店铺,曾一度贡献区域销售总额的三成。百盛集团则是马来西亚最大的百货公司,享有“外资百货第一店”的美誉。现如今,加上十里堡店,华堂已经关闭了在京9家门店中的7家,10月过后还在正常经营的将仅剩亚运村店、丰台北路店2家百货和三里屯食品馆。百盛方面,最近4年时间陆续关闭在华十多家门店,业绩一直处于亏损状态。而且,当记者以消费者身份咨询时,太阳宫店一位工作人员表示,百盛常营店也即将关闭,只是还未下达通知,届时百盛在北京将只剩下复兴门一家孤店。不过这一消息未得到百盛方面确认。   入华开店近20年的洋百货风光不再,问题到底出在哪儿?华堂十里堡店传出关店消息后,记者致电北京华堂企划部部长程宁,对方表示关店是因为经营不善,也为了止损。十里堡店在2008年左右没有跟上消费者的调整,在网络购物、租金、人力等影响下经营出了问题。此前有媒体报道关店潮下,华堂或将退出中国市场,对此程宁予以否认,表示总公司方面重视中国市场,会在未来加大对中国市场的投资,并进行战略调整,主要是改善经营方式。中国购物中心产业资讯主任郭增利此前接受媒体采访时也表示,百盛入华初期百货业不够发达,洋品牌优势明显。随着大批百货、购物中心的出现,百盛并没有做出太多改变应对新的竞争格局,零售面积与餐饮比重不再吸引消费者。   本报记者 孙文文 J192 (责编:陈一诺、高星)相关的主题文章: