Tencent to create pan entertainment movie studios to join Lu Chuan in the twenty thousand plan-mmhouse

Tencent to create pan entertainment movie studios to join Lu Chuan in the "twenty thousand plan" Tencent entertainment news September 17th, the theme of "new exploration · total growth of the Tencent ‘annual conference held in Beijing, at the press conference, director Lu Chuan’s" twenty thousand plan "caused a lot of concern. Film Tencent deputy general manager, general manager Chen Hongwei also dream movie studios are expounded will focus their efforts on the pan entertainment film project on the target. Lu Chuan and Chen Hongwei Chen Hongwei said: "Pan entertainment, refers to the synergistic effect of Tencent and we hope that through mutual entertainment literature, animation, games, pictures of the platform for a movie escort, the pan entertainment platform, the film cost allocation, enhance the movie comprehensive income, let the movie benefits don’t rely too much on the box office. The "twenty thousand plan" is such a moment of the film, is also the first pan entertainment studios Tencent." The "twenty thousand plan" director Lu Chuan said at the conference site said: "this movie is a very ambitious international market works, is a pure IP forging process, we hope to promote the movie at the same time, games, animation, literature and promote comprehensive development, it is a Tencent appropriate platform." Lu Chuan and Chen Hongwei, this is not the first time director of the Tencent and the cooperation of the. In the pan entertainment strategy based on Tencent master pan entertainment advisory group was founded in 2012, aims to promote integration of digital entertainment and traditional art produce more and more creative, professional layout pan entertainment Tencent. In 2013 the Tencent game on the occasion of ten years, the Tencent master pan entertainment Advisory Group invited Lu Chuan, Tan Dun, Cai Zhizhong, Yin Hong, Gu Li served as a consultant to the delegation, as a professional advisor for the Tencent from interactive entertainment television, music, art, communication and chess competition and other fields. Not only that, Lu Chuan himself was a game player, his "maiden play" is a Tencent "game fighting God", he once said: "I had an experience as a game player, brush boss day and night, I do not play online games before, fighting God is my virgin play. A person playing boss, the team to play in the boss, this is very interesting." The movie "twenty thousand plan" in the 2016 film Tencent conference theme of "new exploration · total growth". The press conference, the pan entertainment in the thought of taking IP as the core under the guidance of the focus on "young", "unique", "high quality" and "connect" four major labels, film Tencent bursts of 21 film projects, and announced the exploration of artists brokerage business. Personnel training, Tencent pictures will be through the "NEXT IDEA" program to support young film talent, also announced the signing of Niu Chengze and other backbone established strategic cooperation satellite studio. The conference lasted two hours, showcasing the progress and thinking of this film was founded the Tencent for a year. Vice president of Tencent, Tencent group pictures CEO Cheng Wu attended the conference and delivered a speech. The conference invited the world famous film Tencent co writer David S. Goyer, director Lu Chuan, Zhang Xiaobei, Yang Shupeng, Ma Boyong, Chise Takashishige, writer producer Maki, actor Chen Shu, Liu Song.相关的主题文章: