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Health Testosterone depot injection therapy is used for the replacement of testosterone if there is deficiency of the hormone in human male body. In the testosterone depot therapy , we .e across a .mon question that how does this depot therapy administered. Testosterone Depot is administered by the injection into the buttock muscle. We can claim that it is the safest and most effective form of Testosterone therapy available today. The injections are administered once weekly or as per the doctors’ prescription. The correct and accurate dosage for testosterone depot injections is based on the desired out.es that are determined as per the current blood levels and response to treatment. Therefore, a doctor will monitor the patient throughout the treatment and adjust the dosage accordingly and as per the requirement. Now how long you stay on this regiment is dependent on your condition, and youll have your blood tested a few times along the way so you can stay updated on your progress. The most .mon form of inject able Testosterone is Testosterone Cypionate or Depot Testosterone. Though it is not advisable but if you are self-medicating with the injection or administering the injection by yourself, it is important to learn the correct preparation and usage instructions from a healthcare practitioner. If there are any visible particles or discoloration in the vial, do not use it. It is important to carefully store the Testosterone Depot Injections in order to ensure their safety. It is also imperative that these injections be taken at the right time and that no dosage is missed. The right process for the intake of the dosage is very important .It is also advisable to learn that if you are suffering or suffered any major diseases like cancer or prolonged illness then it is not re.mended to go for these injections without proper guidance of doctor. There are many benefits to regularly taking testosterone depot injections. But like all things, this too should be taken in moderation and with consultation of a doctor or healthcare practitioner who have ample experience. The key to the safety and effectiveness of Testosterone therapy is doing so under the direction and supervision of a trained Physician and staff. Administered correctly, Testosterone therapy is an extremely safe and effective treatment. Testosterone enanthate is one of the most widely used intramuscular T esters. At a dose of 200250 mg the optimal injection interval is 23-weeks but peak and through values are clearly above and below the normal range. Testosterone propionate has a terminal half-life of only 19 hours. After a single injection of 50 mg the maximum concentration is reached after approximately 14 hours. Several .mercially available T preparations contain a number of short- and longer-acting T esters aiming to deliver more even serum T levels. With the most .monly used T esters a maximum concentration follows approximately 72 hours after injection. T levels slowly diminish during the following 1014 days showing an exponential decline of serum T levels and gradually reaching baseline. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: