Thailand medical how to go to the countryside

Thailand medical how to go to the countryside in order to stay in the village of young doctors continue to serve, the Thailand government has introduced a series of incentives. For example, the salary is 15% higher than the city’s public hospitals, housing, subsidized training, etc.. More than half of the world’s population living in the country, but the 3/4 doctors who work in the city, the result is about three billion of the rural population health are not met. Inequality in urban and rural medical treatment is a global challenge. How to get the doctor to the place where they are most needed? How to solve the problem of medical equality? Thailand after forty years of efforts to explore a suitable for the development of Thailand, an effective path. 56% Thai people living in rural areas, there are 40% doctors for their services, and medical funding accounted for only 3.9% of government spending, but the average life expectancy in Thailand and other health indicators can even comparable to developed countries. What is the secret of Thailand’s health? The national policy of medical graduates to go to the countryside is the guarantee of equal medical treatment in Thailand. Every year, there are about 2000 graduates in Thailand National Medical University, the Thailand government is responsible for the medical college students for six years of tuition, but after graduation, they must go to the countryside to work at least four years of grassroots work. This is from the last century, in 70s the government of Thailand to solve the lack of doctors in rural and remote areas and the development of national policy has been implemented for more than and 40 years, unshakable. We decided to take the 24 year old. He lives in Bangkok, but the choice of the northern Thailand and Burma at the junction of the MSO provincial hospital. He listened to the senior students said that the old doctor here is very good to teach, young doctors progress quickly, so decided to apply. But many graduates and have years like the idea of hospital MSO province stand in the front row a long line, far beyond the government this year to 6 indicators, they can only draw the hospital, is also very simple: 1 to 9 figure nine table tennis, to draw the six highest number is lucky. Are in poor hand, only smoke to 4, he had to choose again. Each medical school graduates have a job, the hospital’s indicators are in accordance with the number of graduates, but everyone is not necessarily able to go to their preferred hospital. I ask if you will find a job in a private hospital in Bangkok High wages, good conditions. He smiled and shook his head and said: "first, if you do not go to the countryside, we have to repay the government’s tuition fees, but also to pay a fine of $more than 10 thousand. Second, money is important, but not the most important, otherwise I can choose a more lucrative career. It is a pleasure to help others, which is part of our culture." Perhaps with the Thailand strong Buddhist culture, love and compassion, kindness. Only 12% of graduates prefer to pay a fine, the vast majority of graduates of the Medical University, like all the same year to choose to go to the countryside. However, how to make up the mountain to the countryside to choose a doctor to work in the countryside is a great challenge, after all, remote villages and urban life can not match. At the end of three years of government service, all young doctors are facing new choices. The government of Thailand has introduced a series of incentives to keep young doctors in rural areas. For example, salary ratio)相关的主题文章: