The 230 thousand mother pension money hidden in the radio when dad was selling junk (video)

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The 230 thousand mother pension money hidden in the radio when dad was broken to sell 230 thousand yuan of money hidden in a waste in the radio, the radio was Dad accidentally sold. A few days ago, Wuxue Lee mother one family had frightened two days of joy. Finally with the help of the police under 230 thousand yuan. The 13 day, Li Popo will be the red banner to the public security bureau. According to reports, September 9th at 8 pm, who lives in Wuxue city at the age of 64, Lee mother go out to buy food and exercise has not come home, when one of the women to the District waste collection, his wife Li Popo will be home box, mineral water bottles, waste electrical appliances sold, but he did not know Li Popo will be more than 23 yuan cash hidden in the old radio, was sold as scrap together. On the same day at 9:10 pm, Lee mother bought food back to home, about the incident, anxious like ants on a hot pan, a cold sweat, quickly and his wife came to Wuxue city police station Qing Lin covered with confusion, ask the police for help. The police station duty police while comforting Lee mother they don’t worry too much, while visits to the masses to see if anyone know the waste collection of women. 10 minutes later, 30 minutes later, 1 hours later…… In a second time goes by. Finally, hard work pays off, the police visited the masses to a called party, a surname Mei women often come here to collect the waste products, features and the police description is very similar. The various search, the police finally found the old lady Mei, but she said that morning received waste has been sold to the recycling station, police immediately drove to the acquisition of Mei said the acquisition station, station Tao boss is the waste pack, he didn’t know this pile of waste would have 230 thousand yuan in cash. The police had come after, Tao boss and the police together in a big push to find scrap in the waste paper box in Li Popo and the waste electrical appliances, open the old radio cover, there is a white bag, 23 yuan cash stack stack installed in the intact. See more than 23 yuan in cash, the acquisition station Tao boss also shocked: "every day I have to collect a few tons of waste, if one or two hours later, the waste all the packaging, it is very difficult to find, thanks to the police promptly rushed to." When the police will be more than 23 yuan in cash. She returned to the hands of Li Popo, and his wife moved to tears kept falling back: "if money is not found, we don’t want to live." Then, two old man pulled out a wad of cash to thank the police and rag Mei and Tao boss, but they declined. According to police, Li Popo and his wife had a son and a daughter, his wife is a retired worker, her daughter has married, and often a sick son, this is her 23 yuan and his wife saved up for decades, to cure his son and his pension, Lee mother hid the money in the old radio that is enough to put money in the bank access trouble. Another son often need money to cure, and is not safe to hide money in other places, so Li Popo will be an old radio home inside parts removed, and then use a woven bag wallet, hidden in the radio, did not tell his wife, did not think Daddy will hide huge radio as scrap for generations

婆婆将23万养老钱藏收音机里 被爹爹当破烂卖掉23万元钱藏到一个废旧收音机里,收音机却被爹爹不小心卖了。几天来,武穴的李婆婆一家人经历了惊吓欢喜两重天。最终在警方的帮助下,23万元巨款失而复得。13日,李婆婆将大红的锦旗送到了公安局。据介绍,9月9日早上8时许,家住武穴城区64岁的李婆婆外出买菜和晨练还没有回家,这时有个妇女到小区收废旧品,李婆婆老伴便将家里的纸盒、矿泉水瓶、废旧电器等卖了,可他并不知李婆婆将23万余元现金藏在了旧收音机里,结果被当成废旧一并卖掉了。 当天9时10分许,李婆婆买好菜回到家,得知此事,急得像热锅上的蚂蚁,冒出一身冷汗,连忙和老伴慌慌张张来到武穴市青林派出所报警,请民警给予帮助。派出所值班民警一边安慰李婆婆他们不要太着急,一边走访群众看看是否有人认识那个收废旧的妇女。10分钟过去了,30分钟过去了,1个小时过去了……时间在一分一秒地流逝。终于,功夫不负有心人,民警走访到一个群众时对方称,有个姓梅的妇女经常到这里来收废旧品,特征与民警描述的极为相似。经多方寻找,民警终于找到了收废旧的梅女士,但她称上午收的废旧已卖给废品收购站,民警立即驱车赶往梅女士所说的那家收购站,收购站的陶老板正在将废品打包,他也全然不知这堆废品里竟会有23万元现金。民警说明来意后,陶老板和民警一起在一大推废品中找到了李婆婆家中的废纸盒以及废旧电器,打开旧收音机后盖,里面有个白色的编制袋,23万余元现金一沓一沓地装在其中丝毫未动。看到23万余元现金,收购站的陶老板也惊呆了:“我每天要收几吨废品,如果晚来一二个小时,所收的废品全部打包了,那再找就很难,多亏民警及时赶来。”当民警将失而复得的23万余元现金返还给李婆婆手中,她和老伴激动地眼泪止不住地掉了下来:“如果钱找不回来,我们就不想活了。”随后,两位老人拿出一沓现金要感谢民警和收废品的梅女士以及陶老板,但被他们婉言谢绝。据民警了解,李婆婆和老伴育有一子一女,老伴是一名退休工人,女儿已经出嫁,还有一个经常生病的儿子,这23万余元是她和老伴几十年积攒下来,留给儿子治病和自己养老的,李婆婆之所以将钱藏在旧收音机里,是嫌把钱存银行存取麻烦。另外儿子经常治病也要用钱,把钱藏在其他地方又不安全,于是李婆婆就将家里一个旧收音机里面的零件全部拆掉,然后用一个编织袋将钱包好,藏在收音机里,没有告诉老伴,没想到爹爹将藏有巨款的收音机当废品给卖了。(记者陈杏兰) 孤寡老人将4万元养老钱藏阁楼 结果便宜了鼠辈相关的主题文章: