The anti black action group file December 9th Jean Reynolds incarnation of God – Beijing

The "anti black" action group scheduled December 9th to Reynolds? – tough police incarnation of God Beijing main POSTER "anti triad squad" fixed gear posters in new network on 14 November, directed by Benjamin Loetscher, Jean Reynolds, Katerina Moreno, Alban – Lenoir starring crime action film "anti black the action group" today officially announced the mainland scheduled December 9th. The film released "killer old version of a given file poster, starring Jean? Police killer Reynolds transformation tough guy image unchanged, posters he was armed to focus the visual front, led the gang face Gang Gang, tense suspense atmosphere of reverie. "Anti black action group" tells the story of Renault’s Serge led the fight against the black group and gangster gangster story. Mafia boss set trap chain, the new boss has ordered the dissolution of anti black group and the serge group and the serge held anti black fate a mystery, become the biggest suspense. The excitement of the film shooting, fighting scene also lets people feast for the eyes, the impact of the strong action, signs of danger appearing everywhere will let the audience experience the thrill of adrenaline hurricane. The release of the fixed gear posters showing a strong trend step by step. Let? Reynolds with machine guns in the forefront of the team, a dignified look sharp, punishing evil evil, a life-and-death matter fighting wars triggered at any moment. Let me flying bullet? Reynolds showed his life on the line to hold the position, gun action also implies he courageously fearless SWAT character. Mars is scattered on the wall and four bullet holes and messy means was intense, far from the flashing lights for battle scenes added a bit cramped and uncomfortable. The poster is filled with a breathtaking tension, seem to notice the motto to getting rid of the problems facing the Reynolds? Very difficult. Let? Reynolds virtue in the "The Professional" killer in the corner of Leon fame, become the representative of the deep introverted guy. Some fans said, "let’s fall in love with renault. Fell in love with the warmth of the Italy killer. He fell in love with the facial contour lines of fortitude." Let the killer? Reynolds image of the people, constantly wandering ambivalence, darkness and light, in the face of the huge contrast of different cold and warmth, are made? Reynolds interpretation in place, each expression touched the audience heart. In the "anti black" action group, make breakthroughs in the past? Reynolds killer stereotype, as an erratic, stubborn personality of the police, but still full of blood. Dark skin, muscles with bearded, breaking out of the screen tough guy image. After a lapse of 22 years, let the Reynolds? Tough regression to play the leading role, and they fully and delightfully fight scenes in the film carry loaded guns would make the audience again agonistic, hooked. It is reported that the film will be on December 9th landing in theaters nationwide. (end)相关的主题文章: