The army mountain jungle giants over Western Theater first practiced the hinterland of Kunlun – Sohu hyuna

The army mountain jungle giants over Western Theater first practiced the hinterland of Kunlun – Sohu Military Channel text with map: the army regiment artillery units the implementation of firepower for air targets. Washington: by enemy satellite reconnaissance, aerial fire strikes, strong electromagnetic interference…… Early autumn season, the thirteenth group army organs and units to more than 4000 meters above sea level in the Kunlun Mountains hinterland to carry out combat training. From the plain basin to the snowy plateau, from the Jialing River to the source of Sanjiang, Trinidad maneuver forces always go hand in hand, the smoke of war. The leader of the army group, which is a combat troops they were above the maximum span of refurbishment, maneuvering distance delivery, to enhance the combat capability of the alpine region in plateau. Prior to the group’s military belonging to the former Chengdu military region, is the fist force of the mountain jungle warfare. With the establishment of a new system of leadership and command, they over Western army. The Army Party committee in planning the annual exercises task that, in accordance with the global operational requirements of the Polish forces combat capability, we must adhere to the battle where the soldiers, where training. Based on this, the army over the field training "first class", is located in the hinterland of the Kunlun Mountains they’ve never been before. The leader of the group said: "the war will not occur in the area you are familiar with, what kind of complex environment can be encountered, to promote the actual combat training, it is necessary to enhance the training of the ‘strange coefficient’." An interview with reporters following see, just Junlie, various tests followed. Loaded with personnel and equipment Junlie station reach an altitude of over 4000 meters of altitude, the group does not arrange the midway recharge rest, force and speed endurance test. In addition, they also randomly dispatch "Blues" Besieged soldiers temper "go play eat Tibet" ability. Once the train stops short plateau desert, to strengthen the guard regiment air alert, but relaxed for reconnaissance, was lurking in the sand in the "enemy" a be taken by surprise. The motor on the way, they met the "enemy" of more than 30 times, nearly half of subjects are under way at night. The altitude is rising and the oxygen is getting thinner and thinner. Without relying on independent guarantee is also a stumbling block facing soldiers". Military supplies, began to build the supply chain from zero; plateau disease, a number of new articles for attachment to individual equipment…… Assistant Quartermaster Zhou Yuanhong has deep feelings: "security training pattern in the past hundreds of times to maneuver his way can not adapt to the new system and new environment, need to accumulate experience, and improve the protection of value chain." The fire road, the soldier string. The reporter saw, the troops had just walked off Junlie, by motorized, air transport officers also simultaneously arrived. Based on the command module to build the "junzhang" keyboard sound, interleaving instructions from the Western army, the army and air force division of the joint command, commander of the joint office, personnel and heavy equipment quickly to achieve effective docking. The leader of the army headquarters, the troops rushed to the plateau, "breath" through the river canyon, mountain pass, Gobi desert, has overcome the human body function decline, lack of weapons and equipment performance of multiple maneuvering problem. Is scheduled to arrive at the area of less than 3 days, the troops were firing. .相关的主题文章: