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What is CPSM? Does the CPSM Certification ring a bell to you? The CPSM Certification is .monly known, as a Certified Professional in Supply Management Certification Exam. It is a globally recognized designation of supply management professionals. The CPSM exam is overseen by the Institute of Supply Chain Management to ensure that a professional is aware of the .plexities of supply chain management positions and new developments in the supply environment. CPSM exam certifies that you have key .petencies in the areas of supplier relationship administration, risk .pliance, finance, organization global strategy and that you are a leader in the supply chain management profession. Every Certified Professional in Supply Management is promised to have a much fulfilling and high-ranking position. Moreover, ISM conducted a salary survey in 2013 and it showed that CPSM passers earn 9% more than those who are not certified. Why CPSM is better than other Supply Chain Management Certifications? There are four supply chain management certifications namely: Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM), Certified Professional in Supplier Diversity (CPSD), Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP), and Certificate in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM). Globally Recognized Among the four supply chain management certifications, the CPSM is currently the most in demand and globally recognized. The other three certifications are only acknowledged to specific countries. Career Ladder In a .panys perspective, individuals who have a CPSM title exhibit expertise, wide-focus knowledge base and dedication to their work. Thus, professionals with a CPSM designation are automatically offered with a higher or managerial position. Gives Professional Credibility Passing the CPSM exam raises the stature of an individuals career and it also gives a sense of personal and professional credibility. It enhances the persons professional knowledge in the field of supply chain management since the exam covers all the domains in foundations in supply management, effective supply management performance, and leadership and supply management. What is the Best Review Option to Pass the CPSM Exam? Based on your time availability, budget, and career goals, you need to select the best option for you. The preparation options you can follow are self-study, online reviews, university classes, and certification review boot camps. Self-studying is Risky Self-studying for the CPSM exam is quite uncertain since it might not produce the result you want to achieve. In most cases, you will be confronted with mounds of reading materials and you might miss important details. Thus, self-studying is not the best review option to pass the CPSM exam. University Reviews are Time Consuming Another review option is to enrol in university classes. This option is a lot better than self-studying. However, the downside to this option is that university review classes is time consuming and costly. These courses are scheduled over a 12-week semester at night or on the weekends. This option is not advisable if you value your personal time with your family and if you dont want to spend long hours of travelling. Online Review Course You can find a lot of online review courses today. This type of review option is similar to self-studying, but online review courses will help you remember things quite easily due to attractive online materials and diagnostic tests. Boot Camps are Intense and Fast Paced One of the desirable study methods is to participate in Boot Camp Review Courses. When you want to get certified as soon as possible, the 3-day or 5-day review courses fit your needs best. These courses are set up to give you the information you need to pass the tests the first time. The best candidates for this course are people who have three or more years of experience and want to get certified as soon as possible. When looking at review course providers, consider their experience teaching boot camps, success rate of people passing the test, availability of classes, and a guarantee that you will get certified. CPSM Certification Training offers the Best Boot Camp One of the best CPSM Review Boot Camp is offered by CPSM certification Training of Jack Quinn Solutions, LLC.. They have a 98% passing rate and the Institute of Supply Management re.mends them. Individuals who participate in their boot camp face intense and effective preparation courses. Focused immersion provides participants with the knowledge to achieve results and pass the exams. Through their review, you would no longer spend months of review since you can just speed up the process and learn the same things within 3 to 5 days! Pass Guarantee Unlike the review courses offered by ISM and other CPSM Review Centers, CPSM Certification Training offers a PASS GUARANTEE. This means that if one of their boot camp participants fails the exam, they will pay for the re-examination fee of up to 3 examinations which is a $900 value until you be.e a Certified Professional in Supply Management. Participating in the CPSM Certification Training will not only save you time, but it will also let you save money in case you fail. Fast Paced and Cheaper You dont need to wait for 12 weeks just to have a full grasp of the CPSM exam. By participating in the CPSM Certification Training you can be equipped within three to five days! Moreover, attending the boot camp is a lot cheaper .pared to attending university classes since youd just pay for your fare for three to five days. Online Materials and CPSM Coach Support Your review for the CPSM exam doesnt end in the 3 to 5 days intensive boot camp because the CPSM Certification Training of Jack Quinn Solutions, LLC. will provide you free access to CPSM Training online where you can find video and audio recordings of the CPSM Certification review courses. If you have questions, their CPSM coaches are always available to help you. The training program will also entitle you to have the following: ISM Professional Series ISM Study Guide ISM Glossary of Key Supply Management Terms CPSM Certification Exam Diagnostic Kit for Exams 1,2,3 相关的主题文章: