The brickyard detention of mentally retarded persons unpaid labor rescued 5 people can not find a ho-yuria

The brickyard detention of mentally retarded persons unpaid labor rescued 5 people can not find a home – Sohu news rescued white Wanjia is only 6 people can say home address was sent home to people. This picture of the surging news reporter Peng Yutu in August 30, 2016, two years of missing white Wanjia finally returned to Yunnan city Mojiang County town of Mao village class Lianzhu home. The police found him, he in some intellectual disability home for nearly 500 kilometers outside of Yunnan Xuanwei City of Qujing Yang Chang Zhen Heng Sheng brick factory were forced to work. White and Wanjia together by the Qujing Municipal Public Security Bureau police station Xuanwei sheep rescued, another 5 handicapped people. Qujing City Public Security Bureau informed that, after investigation, Heng Sheng brick responsible for 6 mentally handicapped staff to take abuse, detention and restriction of personal freedom means in custody under the supervision of forced to make bricks, shovel ash and heavy manual work, without paying any remuneration. The 6 were rescued with the personnel of the white Wanjia can say their home address was sent home, the remaining 5 people who did not know where home to rescue station. The Xuanwei City police refused to accept the surging news interview (), it is unclear how they entered the factory and to xuanwei. Sheep town government staff in September 3rd told the surging news, Heng Sheng brickyard illegal detention of mentally retarded persons employment is only an isolated incident, the local had no such precedent. But the factory near the villagers said, near the village factory also has the use of mentally retarded persons, some still in people with intellectual disabilities factory. "This kind of thing can not be said, we do not dare to say that those people (refers to the mentally retarded persons) is bought, usually by the boss in the house does not let out, do not know where to come from." Surging News survey found, Xuanwei brickyard is non isolated cases of mentally retarded persons, since 2012, the media repeatedly reported Xuanwei a number of brick factory to the mentally disabled when a "slave", some factory boss is so chained and thrown into prison which also form a set, "unified accommodation, prolong working time, without remuneration, the threat of violence, the restriction of personal freedom" factory "management personnel with unspoken rule". In September 6th 16, the white Wanjia father always sat in the front door of white smoke. Retarded male missing for two years, his family thought he was dead in September 6th, surging news reporter saw the white Wanjia, he is Mojiang county class Lian Zhu Zhen Mao Village side of the road, the hand hoe shovel in weeds, wearing, or Xuanwei City Rescue Station for his clothes. A 41 year old white Wanjia is the boss at home, nicknamed "white shun". Because of his mental disorder, and over sixty parents live in a block, two live in Adobe room. His three brothers are married. In the class of Mao Village, the villagers know that some of the mentally retarded white, not mind. The local soliciting taxi driver Huang Qinming said he often saw the white Wanjia a man wandering on the road. Bai Wanjia’s father Bai Yongyuan told the surging news, because the white Wanjia mind does not work (retarded), speak or listen to, the two old people did not get his way. "We sent him to Pu’er Hospital to see two times, but no use, not good governance." White has never been able to remember the specific time lost son, but probably remember two years did not see his son.相关的主题文章: