The British media release off the beginning of the end of the Ministry of foreign affairs of the Hon-winfast

The British media release off the beginning of the end of the Ministry of foreign affairs of Hongkong law in response to the original title: British media release law of Hongkong profess to the beginning of the end of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: don’t interfere with China interior reporter Ling Detao Aoki Chen Su Jing real short Hongkong "shame members" storm and interpretation also attracted international attention. The interpretation of the Chinese people’s Congress, some western media described as the destruction of judicial independence in Hongkong, and strive to render a small number of "Hong Kong Independence" protests, saying it would affect the legal and economic confidence in Hongkong. New York Times, 6, said the National People’s Congress will release the law to bring the independence of the court of Hongkong dangerous. The reputation of the rule of law enjoyed by Hongkong is crucial to its position as an international financial centre, so any breach of its judicial system may have a greater impact than the case itself. British Guardian even declared that this marks the beginning of the end of Hongkong". The newspaper said, "this opens a very dangerous precedent, because Chinese slowly began to form a habit of ruling Hongkong. Any time they think that some of the basic law does not meet the current political correctness criteria, they will change it, and then force the Hongkong court to comply with". For the western media "attention", foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang 7, said at a press conference, Hongkong is a special administrative region of Chinese, is Chinese the central government under the jurisdiction of a local administrative region. The affairs of Hongkong belong to the internal affairs of China, and no foreign country should interfere with it. "Hong Kong Independence" forces to engage in separatist activities, in an attempt to separate Hongkong from Chinese separated, in violation of the law, contrary to public opinion, not only harm the national sovereignty, security Chinese, damage the fundamental interests of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region, does not conform to national interests in Hongkong. Hongkong "Ta Kung Pao" says 7 days, said the interpretation would scare investors is talk rubbish. In the past, the 4 National People’s Congress law, which one of the international investors to retreat? Not at all! Does not release the law, allowing the Hong Kong alone in Hongkong trouble molecules, will be really scared of international investors. International investors are looking for a clear and strict law enforcement environment. Hongkong commentator He Liangliang 7 to accept the "Global Times" reporter said, some western media’s mentality is due to Chinese strength, the world no one dare to say no to Chinese, but now there are a number of Hongkong youth "say no" to Beijing, so they tried to stir. But in fact, the law is the authority, the Hongkong society must understand that the "two systems" must be carried out under the premise of "one country". Hongkong "Sing Tao Daily" 7, commented that, over the past 10 years, Hongkong for a democratic process to radical and violent, more and more fuzzy boundaries. In recent years, the development of democratic institutions in Hongkong come to a standstill, not unrelated to the radicalization tendency. These extremists arrogance rising, and even become a "separatist" and "Hong Kong independence". The central government to draw a line, the radical "separatism" and "Hong Kong Independence" included in the box. For members of the Democratic People’s Republic of China, especially in the case of moderate and moderate members of the Democratic People’s Republic of China, the fight for democracy to clarify the rules of the game, will not become more and more intense, and ultimately lost the bottom line. Commented that, after the interpretation of this law, Hong Kong people should recognize that the central tough attitude, Jun相关的主题文章: