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The child was bullied, in fact, "call back" or "call back" all wrong – [children] maternal Sohu original, reproduced please standard source when children are other children playing, you will teach children to call back? "Who hit you, you hit him" really good? If you do not let the child hit back, but also on the child’s psychological impact? When it comes to this topic, can not help but think of a child. I was 5 years old, a small man, neighbors have a big man 3 years older than me, a lot of kids called him "scabby". There is a time for playing marbles touched his marbles, he was waving a fist to face a punch. At that time, the pain and injustice to cry home, my father told me, the next time he hit you, be sure to call him back, so he did not dare to hit you." The second time when he rushed up no sign of hit me, think of my dad hurriedly said, "he would not dare to fight back to you, then closed fist luanhui. Nothing missed was pressed to the ground for a meal, then fears concealed body pain, constantly emerge myself to be killed in the head. I not only like a mouse caught a cat hiding scabby walk, every time I hear the sound of the heart and scabby prospect, even at that time is always the same dream, I dream of being killed and buried scabby. Of course, none of this dared to tell my dad that he would force me to fight. The nightmare of life lasted for a long time, finally one day, because of the fun out of scabby pond drowned, that night I even dream scabby become a ghost to beat me. Fortunately, as time slowly disappearing, bring my shadow gradually scabby not so strong, but the shadows seem has heart a corner office. Now the parents, "who hit you, you hit him" this "tit for tat" the concept has in many families, as long as feel bullied, whether adults or children, will feel humbled, to come up with a foul smells. But most of the time, most parents claim to be bullied must fight back ", in their minds always have beautiful imagination, is the bully people by their own children to give back the situation, this is the ideal good. But will this be the case? If you don’t win? Do not win, for the child, than not to fight back injury is better? Why do I have such a conclusion? We can analyze their advantages and disadvantages: "beaten, don’t call back:" good good, tolerance is considered bad: good to bully the weak "being hit, fight back if you win (1) as the probability?) Benefits: self confidence: falling in love with violence 2) if the failure (probability? Benefits: no harm: frustrated, the child once again proved himself weak, will no longer resist, but also fear of inferiority, self denial, low self-esteem. This probability can be divided by the number of children fighting win divided by the total number of fights. But if you can not get accurate data, as far as possible objective self judgment. Some people say, can not win? That has been to win ah! But in fact, most of the time, big.相关的主题文章: