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Behind the examination fraud case — Shaanxi Channel – original title: Yuan couple manipulation behind the manipulation of element couples examination fraud case roots, the college entrance exam, school doctor, this is Pan Dong (a pseudonym) 41 years history of the side of life. The gunman, help test company boss, only a test control nearly 500 candidates cheating behind, this is the other side of Pan Dong. December 2014, with the Hubei police received a relevant report clues, Pan Dong’s life on both sides also slowly opened. At the same time, checked, and involved in the "help test fraud illegal profits, has a master’s degree in Dongzhi pan (a pseudonym), his wife Qinghai and other team members. September 8, 2016, Jingzhou City, Jiangling province people’s Court of the second hearing of the Pan Dong Gang help test fraud case, the trial of the people’s Court of Hubei province. The couple also pleaded guilty repentance. "Default" fraud case report pull Pan Dong Gang case this section is derived from the fraud case, as a student of another deadbeat help test agency report. College students have been trying to get a master’s degree graduate student, had to an education and training institutions to pay 180 thousand yuan, and signed a package agreement. However, don didn’t pass the exam. The money will not come back. Xiao Tang’s report said that the agency is taking advantage of the use of off-site cheating device to send answers, etc.. December 2014, Tang came to the Hubei Provincial Public Security Bureau of this report. Hubei Province Public Security Bureau network security corps of a number of similar suspected "comb study to help test clues, found that in 2015 the national master of education and training institutions will be held in the month of may at the end of the students to help test criminal implementation of the entrance examination. A network security guidance, the Jingzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau network security detachment to assist, Jiangling County Public Security Bureau network security brigade task force investigation, investigation immediately. Unexpectedly, the training institutions in the vicinity of the Tang learned that the report, the rapid transfer disappeared. The group decided to play it by ear, in the examination of other suspicious help test institutions to grasp the current. 2015, the first day of the national graduate entrance examination in December 27, 2014. A group of radio signals are suspected to broadcast the answer is intercepted by the task force. The police quickly locked the target, to be located in Wuhan city Hongshan District Wuhan Jingwei Huashun Enterprise Consulting Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the company"), on the spot seized several sets of cheating wireless devices, and the company, the company and the examinee enrollment summary list of the agreement signed. At that time, during the exam, some instruments are still sending answers. 6 employees were arrested immediately. However, the company is mainly responsible for Pan Dong, his youth was not in the company. Intercepted students confluence table shows, only the field of postgraduate entrance examination, suspected of cheating candidates reached 485 people. The list was informed by the police to the provincial examination yuan. Provincial Examination Yuan immediately on the province’s examination room inventory, more than cheating candidates were seized. Pay to sign the agreement "package" "eraser" answer business publicity information display, Huashun note)相关的主题文章: