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The discretion of recruitment: with vivo9 self, can make Eddie Peng? Sohu science and technology text Sohu mobile phone manufacturers have a saying: Meizu when the phone to sell PC, HUAWEI put the phone when the business of leather shoes to sell, vivo oppo when the phone to sell fashion women. It is rough, but the feeling is really on the cut. The vivo X9 release, from Eddie Peng to speak, soft double photo (self) is simply broke, properly watch women’s knee. Looking at the official website of Eddie Peng holding the appearance of X9 self, it is easy to make an appointment immediately, these words want to skew, as if to buy a X9, the United States and the United States can have a self timer. Post only 1600W, while the front has 2000W, vivo simply can not understand women consumers. In addition, there are two pre depth camera, intellectual beauty 2, after the street becomes self. No more low. Well, female consumers see here are estimated to have been ready to order, who cares how big screen (5.5 inch narrow border to 1.59mm), what is the use of glass (Corelle’s new fifth generation glass), what the processor (14nm 8 core Qualcomm CPU) application, how to do the upgrade (more powerful points convenient screen multi task 3). Sohu technology is also the first time to get the product, he started to experience some of the time, the effect is amazing. Have to say that the dual camera is simply entered the self timer 2 era! The evaluation of the product is just released vivo X9 vivo X9 plus. In addition to the general evaluation, the main test of the self energy. The value of self-confidence, please participate in the activities of the congregation. All test registration: point i! You can also copy links to http: K HMDYC24S相关的主题文章: