The domestic version of the flood artifact can do

The domestic version of the flood artifact can do so: original title: Secret domestic version of "flood artifact: stop flood can" leak "data figure: domestic flood wall debut in Wuhan. China News Agency reporter Zhang Chang photo flood season this year, a foreign "flood artifact — assembled flood wall photos popular network. In the picture, the river has been temporarily blocked by a makeshift flood wall along the coast, although the river has been significantly higher than the dam, but people can still walk in the wall. Not long ago by the Wuhan independent research and development of "domestic flood artifact" officially unveiled, it has assembled the flood control wall of independent intellectual property rights, has built a total length of 218 meters of the demonstration in the circulation lane. Yesterday, the Wuhan evening news reporter went to visit the demonstration section, one of the designers of flood control wall – Wuhan city flood control survey and Design Institute Vice President Meng Jianjun also talked about the details behind the flood wall. The flood control wall of Hanjiang River levee strip is the demonstration section of the submarine sealant assembled flood wall in Qingchuan Bridge under, reporters at the scene of the flood control wall is gray, support column consists of 87 root interval is 2.5 meters, and the horizontal baffle assembly is inserted in between the support columns and. The two supporting columns are assembled with 10 baffles, about one person is high, and all the gaps in the assembly are sealed by a black rubber strip. The reporter tries to knock against baffle, support columns, flood control walls were still. Flood control wall in the trial, the material put forward a very high demand. In order to avoid water leakage, in the selection of rubber strip, the use of a special submarine sealant. According to the test, the service life of single adhesive strip is 10 years. In addition, in order to ensure the convenience of assembling and disassembling, the baffle plate and the supporting column are selected after several tests, which can not only reduce the weight, but also meet the requirements of strength and processing. The single baffle weighs less than 40 kg, two skilled workers is only half an hour to complete the common gate flood wall installation. City, city flood control survey and Design Institute Vice President Meng Jianjun introduced, according to the different thickness of baffle, the flood wall has designed a variety of different uses of the product test period at present, the main use of the 6 cm thick plate, against the wind generally be nothing difficult." Inspired by World Expo on the design of the assembled flood wall, Meng Jianjun introduced, which originated in Shanghai, World Expo in 2010. During the visit, a special waterproof wall is composed of two vertical columns for support, several pieces of plates, let Meng Jianjun deep impression. Due to effective water flood, from 2011 onwards, the development of domestic flood artifact officially launched. Wuhan evening news reporter learned that the assembled flood wall design, stereotypes, experiments, modifications, testing, which lasted 5 years, only the design of the product positioning has been revised many times. Stop flood can "leak" and "the most important quality is the flood wall seepage, although it is made in China, the quality of our products can be no weaker than Germany imports." Meng Jianjun expressed confidence in the assembled flood wall. Prior to the official appearance of the assembled flood wall, Wu Hanpeng相关的主题文章: