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The sorrow of the Japanese Central Bank negative interest rate era U.S. stock market global scourge Center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Huitong news network September 15th warrants — the world into the era of negative interest rates has been plagued by the investors, and the subsequent potential play will change from Japan, the Bank of Japan’s action or will affect most of the world market. So let’s look back at history to see how negative interest rates affect the market. Negative interest rates can provide forward-looking signals on Tuesday (September 13th) financial headlines for stocks and bonds fell on the day the Dow Jones index fell 258 points, bonds fell by 1.14%. Of course, had similar reports, this shows that investors or in the era of negative interest rates "no place to hide". However, although investors can not predict the market in advance, but based on the in-depth study of the negative interest rate, but it can get forward-looking signals. And on Wednesday (September 14th), the headlines are that the yen is suffering from heavy selling, and lower oil prices. Of course, the signal is the fuse of the market for the sale of Japanese government bonds. At this point, the Japanese government bonds suffered the worst selling in about 20 years. This is the fuse, the Bank of Japan is likely to adjust debt repayment period of this major change, and there may be a further reduction of negative interest rates. This means that the Bank of Japan has reason to reduce the purchase of ultra long term bonds, the corresponding increase in the purchase of short-term bonds, so that long-term bond yield curve becomes steeper. Ultimately, of course, the dramatic effect is that the world temporarily selling the yen, but the subsequent international circulation of yen or blocked. However, this is also against the open trading fund (ETF), especially emerging market funds. This makes the Thailand index rose 0.31%, Philippines rose 1.68%, Hongkong Xinhua FTSE index rose 0.71% points, Taiwan flat; Singapore index rose 0.74%, Malaysia rose 0.38%; but the Indonesia index fell 0.99%. When negative interest rates help hedge assets soar when Japan take negative interest rates, gold prices took off in early 2016. And most of the media that the main reason for the current surge of negative interest rates in gold and silver. When Denmark took negative interest rates in 2012, the stock took off; the European Central Bank in 2014 to take negative interest rates, the bond took off. At the same time, the Swiss central bank also took negative interest rates in 2014, Sweden in 2015 to take a negative interest rate. In Denmark to take a negative interest rate period, the European Central Bank, Switzerland and Sweden are clamouring for negative interest rates, and a step by step to cut interest rates, then a sharp decline in gold (poly42aminopyridine), faster and silver than gold fell. There are two important events in the past few days. One is the German 10 year Treasury yields hovering in the air, even after a temporary camp, into the multi camp; two is the Japanese bond yields from negative rose to a level close to zero. This shows that the market is moving away from the central bank, and gradually raise interest rates. The central bank still has a strategy, can also hold a negative interest rate hedging assets stock Cong相关的主题文章: