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The field of Internet infringement and counterfeiting problems become the focus of attention of new network central broadcasting network Beijing on November 1st news (reporter Hu Bo) according to voice of the economy "day 315" report, there is a very close relationship between consumer protection and the registered trademark of the daily life, if the trademark is not effectively protected, fake shoddy products will disaster caused by flooding water. This will not only infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of the trademark owner, but also seriously damage the interests of consumers, seriously disrupt the socio-economic order. Therefore, the protection of trademark rights is not only important for an enterprise, it is also very important for consumers, it can be said that the protection of trademark rights, in fact, is to protect the interests of consumers. In recent years, trademark infringement disputes occur frequently, which has a negative impact on a lot of trademark owners and consumers. Trademark infringement in the end should be how to do? How to set up trademark brand, prevent trademark infringement and reduce trademark disputes? Consumers are "fake" confusing, accidentally bought the wrong goods, buy the wrong after how adults? Reporters from Kunshan city in Jiangsu Province recently held the 2016 China international brand Festival learned that the State Administration for Industry and commerce is to strengthen trademark credit supervision, to explore the implementation of "Internet plus control" mode. Deputy director of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Liu Junchen made a keynote speech, in the brand main forum — the third Chinese brand economy forum in the future, he said, malicious trademark, infringement of trademark rights, near the famous hitchhiking acts of bad faith, will be included in the national enterprise credit information publicity system. Liu Junchen: Innovation of trademark supervision, strengthen trademark credit supervision, the trademark infringement, trademark agents and other illegal behavior into the national enterprise credit information publicity system, explore the implementation of Internet plus supervision mode, strengthen the coordination of various business internal business system line, and strengthen law enforcement cooperation in customs, quality supervision departments, promote the implementation of the trademark administrative law enforcement and criminal justice mechanisms, promote cross sectoral, cross regional trademark law enforcement information sharing. Liu Junchen also mentioned that the number of applications from the trademark registration point of view, the brand awareness of the brand has been increasing, at present, China has become a trademark power. However, compared with developed countries, there are still some gaps in the development of China’s trademark. Liu Junchen: China’s trademark applications in 2014 was 2 million 280 thousand, in 2015 reached 2 million 870 thousand in the first half of 2016 was $1 million 740 thousand, an increase of 32%. We expect the volume of trademark applications this year may exceed 3 million 500 thousand, the main Chinese per ten thousand market, effective trademark ownership from 1074 in 2011, increased to 1405 at present, Chinese brand internationalization of enterprises continue to strengthen the awareness of other countries, to the international registration of China application, for many years ranked first in the Madrid union. China’s twenty-fifth place in the global innovation index this year, the first to enter the top 25 middle-income countries and developing countries, indicating that the attractiveness of the Chinese market continues to increase. But we should also see that compared with developed countries, the development of China’s trademark brand is still very poor.相关的主题文章: