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[the final sprint] only for Sohu – tourism travel over land and Water Worship Gu Xiang Lake Scenic Area – Tangmai – Tangmai bridge – Linzhi – Rouland – Mira Hill – gongbujiangda – Lhasa – Potala Palace square – the Jokhang Temple in Bomi that night, we stayed up all night, because the front Tangmai was a collapse accident, at that time Tangmai limit line traffic jam, full staff, all the hotel price hike, each bed was nearly 100, brother and sister on the block in Tangmai, without food or sleep but also get money card! A lot of people come here to go back, but 318, it is difficult to give up, give up? The second day at noon we went to Tangmai, knowing that the full staff must go, only go to! This is our idea! You’ll see。 The second day I and brother together, all the way to walk in Tongmai, then walked several public suddenly tired, and rain, together with several people to ride, leaving only the end of my week and my brother, but the brother pit, finally left me a person walking in on the road, it was a little black, I also did not take away, and no one had better way, occasionally there will be a few behind the car come I was relieved, finally lucky, a 4 two motorcycle finally came to the ancient town, it will encounter Xi brother, he is riding to, if said at the time I don’t go to live with him, then go to Tongmai tomorrow, so I fuck alone. So promised him, but also went to the ancient town of lake, after the encounter with the three big brother riding a motorcycle asked me to eat a meal. The boss is also very good, never give me the cheapest accommodation prices, but then I don’t want a person to stay, because they are in the front, and nearly 7 in the evening on the way to the car also. When a person walking on the road from hi. This is the people of Chengdu Xi brother. After a long time, finally, a big brother to Linzhi stopped willing to take me. So I got on the bus, also encountered a buddy from Medog over, I have more experience than! 9 pm to reach the Tongmai, Tongmai that road because at night so I don’t have much attention to his dangerous, but in my mind, although over the years, still think it is a natural barrier! 10 in the evening we arrived at Tangmai, because Tangmai is really the prices is particularly high, then the opportunity that difficult, "give me a cigarette" Medog on foot from the brother, Medog over, hands tied a lot of wasp holes, really think he is great!! Tangmai, at that time we don’t call it a natural barrier, we called him Tangmai cemetery. So here, more than a day to stay in danger, but the past is more dangerous in the past, and then we chose the more dangerous way. At that time I contacted Ge, he also in Tongmai, for Tongmai because I was at night so his face is not familiar with, only know that GE come and join me take this car in the past master. Then finally Ge finally found us, I just want to say that this road is not easy to understand, for so many years, never felt so deep, but he is a man! That night I didn’t sleep all night, not for the future, but for the May you be safe throughout the journey! It took 14 hours to reach the road for 5 hours相关的主题文章: