The fist published lol data eight times – dota2 billions of dollars monthly active game player Sina

The fist published LOL data: eight times – DOTA2 billions of dollars monthly active game player Sina hero hero alliance alliance area of the latest global monthly active game player data have been released, and this number to us to expect. The fist company said that about one hundred million of the global monthly active of game player league games, this is the founder of "fist tryndamere" and "Ruiz" fist of members of the company in an interview this week that the. Prior to the latest data has been a few years ago, when the fist has 67 million monthly active players; in contrast, Valve announced in June, Dota2 has more than 13 million monthly average players. The success of this game’s founder fist greatly surprised, because I want to get good performance requires certain skills in the league, they thought the league is not very popular. Tryndamere: I remember before this figure reached one hundred million when sending internal mail — we have been excited shows between the lines. We also had champagne. Q: how is your game now? TEDA: This was a few months ago. I’m going to say this is an important milestone. We never thought of that number. Now it seems incredible. Ruiz: Yes, this incredible, even now still feel so unreal. In fact, the best thing is when we come to the scene of the event, and fans face to face. Only then can you feel it is true. Otherwise, it’s just the numbers on the screen. You can look at the Internet cafe to go to Thailand or Shanghai in the scene of the game. TEDA: Turkey’s game room. Ruiz: or by chance at a local university encountered when the game player. Only then can you feel it is true. Sina’s statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: