The flight took off in advance by women’s Insurance Company exclusions not delay machine-exit safe mode

The flight took off in advance women’s accident machine insurance company exclusions: not delay the original title: aircraft to fly, flight delays of more general insurance company exclusions morning news reporter Li Xiaoming travel, however, tourists Miss Huang met flight but epoch-making advance. Has completed the boarding pass, after security, the aircraft has been found to fly away, but can only change the itinerary. However, in this case, the insurance company to fly ahead of the flight is not delayed grounds, refused to pay for it. Angry visitors: good for boarding pass, the plane flew early in February this year, Miss Huang Master travel with friends to travel together, travel plan is formulated by the United States of New York, to fly, to fly to Bahamian archipelago, then returned to New York before returning home. The whole trip is relatively complex, in order to prevent accidents, Miss Huang before specially in the Ctrip online purchase insurance "World Tours", the cost is 285 yuan, including insurance, medical rescue delays, travel change project. Miss Huang told reporters, she arrived in the Bahamas on February 24, 2016, before the day at the airport booked SkyBa-hamas Airlines round-trip ticket and Pink Beach, the next morning at the Nassau airport site to buy the same company the day round-trip ticket hog island. Go to the pig Island trip is still smooth, did not expect to return to encounter trouble. Return of the flight departure time is 6:45 p.m., 5 p.m., Miss Huang and his party have been on time to exchange the boarding pass on the three, began to wait for boarding. 6 pm, Miss Huang and his party into the security, after the completion of the security of a sudden they said that the plane has been flown in advance. This makes them a big surprise: "the airport is very small, there is no seat, and not to the security of time allowed, we have been sitting outside the airport, only separated by a glass, the staff can see us, no one to tell us." Huang said that when they asked the reason for the aircraft to fly early, but no one told. They were very angry about it. "There are 3 passengers for the boarding pass and not on board, the plane actually flew ahead of time!" But in a foreign country, negotiations are unsuccessful. Because this is the company’s last day of the plane, while other companies are also full of aircraft, resulting in the day they can not return to Nassau. Then they change the next airline for the first flight ticket back to Nassau. But delayed the cost of a night, but also led to their delay before the Pink Beach on the eve of the flight, the entire trip affected. And because it is wrong, air tickets can not refund. Insurance exclusions: flight is delayed because of early flying journey ahead of aircraft fly away, cause the entire travel plans affected, after returning to Miss Huang began to put forward to the insurance company claims, however, refused to pay each other. Miss Huang told reporters, according to the provisions of "international travel" Meiya travel insurance, flight delays highest pay 1800 yuan, the highest 15000 yuan for change journey. According to her experience, the plane flew ahead directly affect her journey, and the extra expenses of airline ticket and hotel and other expenses, and American 6相关的主题文章: