The gambler for the debt shoot black brick money that personal calmly escaped-yezimei

The gambler for the debt shoot black brick money that personal calmly escaped the original title: men beat black brick robbers onlookers were lied to personal money for gambling debts calmly escaped only recently been arrested by the police in an online news according to the Anhui Daily reported recently, a man is also gambling, at night on the money from the bank and the victim. Pick on the floor to pick up a stone bash each other head robbery. At that time, there are a lot of onlookers, the suspect said two people have emotional disputes in the fight, but no one doubts, let it calmly escape. It happened in September 11th at 11 pm, the victim from Hefei city of Tongling on a bank to get money out, walk along Tongling Road, then a shadow quietly approaching from behind him, and while the victim does not pay attention to each other, take the head with a stone, it will be down to the ground. At this time there are a lot of passers-by, so the victim shouted. After the victim recalls, which knew the assailant was facing the onlookers said he robbed his woman, because they are personal fight, let onlookers don’t tube. In this way, in the crowd of onlookers, the suspect will hurt the victim, and snatched the handbag, which has more than 4000 yuan in cash, then calmly escape. The police see the victim in the hospital, he is a blood, two wounds on the head, and seven or eight smashed out of the bag. A few days later, the suspect Yu Moumou was arrested. Preliminary investigation, Yu Moumou 24 years old this year, the people of Shucheng, who love gambling, gambling debts owed high. On the night of the walk in the street, saw the victim take money out from the bank, he picked up with stone. Yu said, there are a lot of people see their next robbery, in order not to let others interfere with the robbery, he lied to the victim and there is a dispute in the fight, and no one to stop. September 21st, the police arrested more than a certain robbery on suspicion of the Yaohai procuratorate. Source: Angola online – Anhui daily editor: high Yuying相关的主题文章: