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The innovation of social governance under good chess upper hand, Guangxi channel — improve prediction and prevention ability, various types of risk warning initiative, Duweishenfang, should be strengthened in the future and innovation of social governance, to further enhance the inevitable trend of the safety of the masses and an important task to strengthen social management and innovation, is an important way to improve the safety of the masses sense. The day before, the general secretary Xi Jinping made important instructions, required to improve social governance socialization, legalization, intelligent, professional level, improve the prediction ability of various types of risk warning and prevention. This indicator will promote the social security comprehensive management field from the "rear" to "lead", from "passive" to "active", effectively enhance the people’s sense of security. In recent years, around the political management of social security departments continue to strengthen social management and innovation, to ensure social harmony and order. But at the same time, our country is still in the high risk society, emergencies, accident prone, multiple and complicated social contradictions and disputes, some new formats in development at the same time, also brought new risks to public life. Whether it is the traditional social order, or food and drug safety, as well as the advent of the network society and the emergence of new crimes, to the social governance challenges. For example, safety hazards investigation work such as more detailed, some accidents will not happen; some emergency rehearsal and plan, some losses may be avoided. A large number of cases suggest that if the original "post" link mentioned in front, will reduce a lot of risk. A rainy day, some places have been walking in front of. In land acquisition as an example, a lot of people feel is "the best in all the land difficult", the author has recently seen in Jiangxi, Nanchang, where the land expropriation scale is not small, but overall progress smoothly and orderly. So, an important reason is that the local authorities in the demolition work has not yet started, will organize a special force of public opinion research, do the risk assessment, and to carry out the work of the masses, to resolve conflicts and disputes in the bud. For example, in the telecommunications network fraud, Shanghai, Jilin, Hubei, Shenzhen and other places to establish anti fraud network telecommunications center, the implementation of prevention, combat, governance integration, results. A series of social governance experience shows that social governance under good chess upper hand, nip in the bud, peace will be more and more. In fact, the rapid development of the Internet, but also provides the possibility for social governance under good chess upper hand, as the social risk factor, the safety of the masses "down a liter provided condition. In the past, the public security organs spread a word, the fight against crime than the speed of crime". Today, with the establishment of a sound social security prevention and control system, the use of Embedded Internet technology, some of the past can not think of things gradually become a reality. For example, the public security organs can not only rely on the video monitoring system for precise positioning of the suspect, quickly will be brought to justice, can also be carried out on the basis of data analysis, scientific prediction of crime prone areas, high-risk types, targeted to issue warnings. Again, for the case of illegal fund-raising cases, Shandong and other places to use big data and other technical means to strengthen the suspicious funds and personnel相关的主题文章: