The Kuomintang or spare none Hong Xiuzhu denounced retroaction – Beijing pigeon blood

The Kuomintang or "spare none" Hong Xiuzhu denounced "retroaction" – Beijing [Global Times reported] for the liquidation of the Democratic Progressive Party Kuomintang used a "big kill": 21, "the Executive Yuan improper Property Committee (hereinafter referred to as" party meeting) announced that in order to prevent the National Party transfer "improper" property damage "the state-owned property", has issued a notice to financial institutions, the accounts of the money can only be deposited, cannot be extracted or remitted". "This is the Kuomintang to spare none rhythm ah!" Taiwan immediately people exclaim. "Improper Party committee" Henzhao, the Kuomintang will fear nothing!" "Taiwan China times" 22 reported that the committee chairman Gu Lixiong said on the 21, the mid August from the Yongfeng bank account withdrawals 520 million yuan (NT, the same below) and the opening of 10 pieces, each of a cheque for $52 million, according to a survey of nearly 200 people have to pay on account at the beginning of the month. Gu Lixiong said, the move "fear of harm coming to improper property for the state-owned property rights transfer", so the Committee resolution, the bank account "only deposit, withdraw or not remitted". In addition, Gu Lixiong also asked banks not to honor the checks issued by the kmt. He said, because the Bank of Taiwan for the other 9 payer cheque, bill payment responsibility, party will also notify the Bank of Taiwan, once someone holding the cheque, Bank of Taiwan to immediately apply for payment deposit to the court, the party will agree to non escrow households, accepting the right person shall receive. This remember playing the confused and disoriented. The KMT Kaoji chairman Liu Hanting immediately announced that the party would freeze the Kuomintang KMT will make cash, no salary, cash depletion, result is "the Kuomintang might store closed at any time". The Kuomintang line tube Council Chairman Qiu Dazhan said, to withdraw 520 million yuan is considered a month salary paid 30 million yuan, and I do not know how many party workers fear of retirement, so wide Lielao back reserve and labor cost of health care system, roughly 520 million yuan, which is currently the Kuomintang party life-saving money, if it is "stop payment" not available, do all the Kuomintang party workers no office, no the whole party to promote, of course the KMT faced "shop closed down" crisis. According to reports, the Kuomintang from January after the defeat is the substantial drawdown of personnel, but the Kuomintang is a hundred years old, in addition to the existing 200 party workers salary, also must bear the past retirement party workers pension and related subsidies, but also to maintain the operation of funds of Taiwan local Party headquarters. The place is really a lot of money. Of course, the current assets of tens of billions, and billions of cash, every year there are donations and government grants election "hundreds of millions of dollars. But the problem is that the assets will have already claimed that the "all current assets are" presumed improper assets ", can use", if the use of any one party, will be imposed a fine of ten times the assets will. DPP’s liquidation led to blue camp anger. According to Taiwan, "Min Bao" reported that the KMT Central Standing Committee held on 21 may, KMT chairman Hong Xiuzhu said, the employer of employees,]相关的主题文章: