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The letter "invincible" login Tianjin TV show has been concerned Cai butterfly double – Butterfly Butterfly Cai Cai photo entertainment Sohu Sohu Entertainment Tonight, the drama "invincible" formal letter login Tianjin TV with the national audience, has a wonderful performance in the drama Cai butterfly also led the audience attention, in addition to the "letter invincible", starring Cai Die war drama "the last warrior" also will be held tonight in Beijing television channel to meet with the audience, a two film hit, Cai underestimated the strength of the butterfly. The play tells the story of a brave army brigade of the ninth Fan Tianxi in the eight year war, the collapse of the enemy conspiracy story. With the war theme drama hot shot, more and more women in the war drama has also become the protagonist, "invincible" in the drama of the four girls is also a great highlight of the play. Especially Cai Die’s little sister is Donger concern. This role itself is removed from the brothels girl, but as it extends slowly grow up as an outstanding underground worker, Cai butterfly also said he learned a lot of things in this drama shooting, especially from the several stars who received a lot of inspiration, hope the audience to love this work. In recent years, Cai butterfly has been working hard, whether it is a TV series or movie, each piece of work is to interpret the CAI butterfly, but also tried a variety of styles, different roles. Whether it is a modern fashion costume drama or opera or in the drama, you can see the figure of Cai Cai butterfly, butterfly plasticity strong also makes many people feel powerless and frustrated, look forward to the future of CAI butterfly bring us more works.相关的主题文章: