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The listed company emergency talks "real" feasibility of A shares really want to sell it off hot sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money securities reporter Hu Chunchun "Monday afternoon just fly to Shenzhen, two days, also did not finish, by the board. Come back, we convened to discuss the company under the name of several property disposal." Yesterday, Jiangsu, a listed company secretaries and securities exchange reporter inadvertently mentioned on Wednesday, the company convened the main management level staff opened a temporary small meeting, mainly talking about real matters. Since *ST Nanjing B successfully selling shell "after the news, A shares against the real performance is not a joke, but not a legend, but became a listed company in the real meeting agenda. A shares will really set off a "real" hot it? Behind the real estate just to boost performance? Listed companies to follow the "real" behavior of these listed companies in Jiangsu, but the success of the *ST Ning B successful "shell" after the impact of the tip of the iceberg of listed companies. More companies may already be in progress. Fuse *ST Nanjing B, in its September 21st announcement that the company will pass Beijing equity exchange transfer of Beijing Xicheng District City Huai Cedar Street building 11, the -201, the -202 two sets of real estate. Because these two sets of real estate is the focus of Beijing school district room, prices are not low. Although the book value of only 1 million 297 thousand and 400 yuan, but the latest assessment value reached a total of $22 million 726 thousand and 200. In this way, *ST Ning Tong B at least about 20000000 yuan income. If you count on this income, had been facing delisting risk *ST Ning B, it is possible to successfully shell. *ST in Nanjing B "real shell" news, the "securities" reporter noted that the recent innovation, cloud game, the sea day and defense and other companies have released a real announcement. Its estimated real income at least 10 million. The most exaggerated cloud game sold the, a house in Shanghai, to achieve the gains of up to 186 million yuan. In fact, as long as you and A shares listed secretaries talked about, you will obviously feel the current stage of the listed companies on the word real interest and enthusiasm. Do not optimistic about the real estate to the securities reporter access to these real estate listed companies notice, given the real reason is almost all revitalize the stock of assets". Careful study of the fundamentals of these listed companies found that some are indeed in order to compensate for the loss of performance, but some are not because of lack of money or poor performance to sell. Take the cloud game Zhaopin, its first half net profit growth of up to 96.27%. Performance is so good, why are so anxious to sell the property? The "securities" reporter noted that the end of August this year, the the Great Wall computer in a real notice given in such an explanation, "to revitalize the company’s assets, optimize the allocation of resources, taking into account the price of the Shenzhen property market is relatively high……" The Jiangsu listed company secretaries in exchange with reporters, said that the company is not good at the level of disclosure, but on his theory相关的主题文章: