The London Eye tells you how big your heart is and how big your brain hole is verbal jint

The London Eye tell you how big the heart, the brain hole on how much – Sohu travel, how much heart, the stage will be much." Xiao Bian think this sentence has been OUT, Xiao Bian think must be: how big the heart, the brain hole on how much! I heard that the eyes are the window of the soul, so standing on the The London Eye, the hearts of the comrades will not open a hole in the brain. Let Xiaobian a quiet eat melon audience climb The London Eye this window, I do not know these "brain hole world", you shot? The 1 day of the observed population "loo below that boys are holding a ring? Is he going to propose? Oh… Well, he just tied a shoelace." 2 self conspicuous "Oh, really is the scenery beauty beauty, must send a circle of friends to let people lick the screen first." 3 sense of life type "the following people are so small, so small… When I walk in this world, I also and they are the same small… Life meaning?" 4 doubt their own type of "Downing street where? Where is the Queen’s house? Why can’t I recognize it? This is London?" 5 "well, up position, this time I think of London let me have a more profound understanding of…… I didn’t know there is so much of the London Roof Garden (tanshou) ~" 6 type "We re at" like the very top I m the king of! "The world!" (I am the first, I am the king of the world) 7 God Tucao "uh…… Thames River…… not a river……, Ferris wheel…… not a wheel… 8…" don’t want to sit The London Eye "… This is… I sat the fastest the car…… (snail……)" of course, you think only the buddy will open the brain hole on the The London Eye? If the answer is yes, Xiaobian tell you, child, you are too naive. Really play the family or the British, big brain hole wide open. Remember that day the British princess gave birth to Princess Sherlock, in order to use The London Eye said the blessing, specially lit pink light. Oh, Xiaobian want to say, you foreigners can play, George considered the little prince’s mood? George little prince unhappy. Remember the 2015 British general election, the The London Eye was so light, red light blue on behalf of the British Labour Party, on behalf of the conservative party, the purple represents the UK Independence Party, yellow represents the Liberal Democratic party. Xiao Bian also have something to say, only by virtue of this can also be seen in the brain of the British hole in the end how much, pick a pick also have to force the grid, standing in the small hole in the The London Eye of the small partners, there is no weak burst! Come to The London Eye to hug and kiss a high-profile show of affection at the top. Of course, want to change a boyfriend (girlfriend) of a small partner, do not miss london.相关的主题文章: