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The man 8 years repeatedly convicted of retrial is still the "victim" of their innocence – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Ruzhou on November 7th news Chinese according to the voice of "peak Evening News" reported that Yin Zhaobin for committing the crime of illegal detention, years ago, was sentenced to 7 months. Since then, the former village Party Secretary Feng Ruzhou city of Henan Province, multiple complaints. During the period, Ruzhou and Pingdingshan two courts have issued documents, proof that Yin Zhaobin committed the crime of illegal detention evidence, is suspected of perjury, even "detention" more than the victim to stand up, the statement did not have been illegally detained in. However, after the Henan Provincial Higher People’s court ruling, Yin Zhaobin was still found guilty. Yin Zhaobin said that the cause of the incident, is the early morning of August 4, 2006, his lime plant has three motors stolen. Yin Zhaobin heard the private implementation of the theft, and reported the matter to the police station: "later the thief that this thing has brought to light, in September 25th of that year, the robbers and their families, including the seventeen, eight, I went to the Feng Gou Village meeting room, and civil compensation. The joint theft of four thousand yuan, the matter is settled, never mention." That’s what happened. But Yin Zhaobin did not expect, a year later, as a victim of theft, but became a victim of illegal detention cases. In May 8, 2007, Yin Zhaobin was summoned to the local police station to arrest, the reason is that the five suspects had alleged theft of illegal detention. Five months later, the Ruzhou court in accordance with the statement of the victim, the testimony of witnesses, the defendant confessed, such as the words of the evidence, the crime of illegal detention, sentenced Yin Zhaobin to imprisonment for seven months. In Yin Zhaobin’s opinion, this accusation is almost equivalent to the "unwarranted": "when I identified with the evidence, he was only the victim’s statement, and not in the two scene of the testimony of witnesses. At that time in court, I ask the victim to court in the five victims, including his family, no one to." Yin Zhaobin has been to the courts at all levels of Henan since he was released from prison. Ruzhou and Pingdingshan two courts have issued documents, respectively, found Yin Zhaobin constitute the crime of illegal detention of evidence, suspected of forgery, Ruzhou Public Security Bureau of investigation of evidence, whether to constitute perjury: "the court is almost found on the night of the presence of personnel, and said, in the judgment of the victim, and extraction the relevant documentary evidence, all prove that I am not a crime." But this is Yin Zhaobin in the end is a crime, or be wronged, and did not play any role. 2010, Pingdingshan court ruled that Yin Zhaobin constituted the crime of illegal detention, but from criminal punishment. Yin Zhaobin refused to accept this result, appeal to the Henan Provincial Higher People’s court, and the "all hope cleanse themselves wronged, lies in the High Court on the body. In November 2013, the Henan provincial high court decided to review the case. And three years later in June 13, 2016, made a ruling to maintain the Pingdingshan court guilty of illegal detention, from criminal punishment, the decision. Yin Zhaobin said: "in the trial period, in the procedure of judicial supervision.相关的主题文章: