The man with the cousin ID license after ten years of drunk driving is the new network in detention-webquest

The man with the cousin ID license after ten years of drunk driving away jingfangxingju – Beijing, Wuxue on 13 September, Hubei Wuxue a man fraudulent use of someone else’s identity information to do a driver’s license, but also drunk driving. Yesterday, from the Wuxue Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade was informed that the man due to undocumented, drunk driving motor vehicle was under criminal detention. The evening of September 6th, the Wuxue Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade squadron according to the unified deployment of Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Bureau, to carry out the investigation of drunk driving operation in Wuxue city traffic construction. 20 o’clock that night, the police on duty routine inspection by democratic northbound approaching a Hubei J-H6Hxx car, found the driver Hwang produced a motor vehicle driving license number shown in my actual age and appearance are obviously different, and on the spot of the breath alcohol detection, Hwang’s alcohol content 80mg 100mL. Reach the drunk driving standard, suspicion of drunken driving. After further preliminary verification, the driver Hwang B2 type driving license is impersonation identity management, no valid driving license. In the face of evidence, Hwang confessed his impersonation identity for illegal facts and driving drunk driving license. According to Hwang explained, in 2006, he apply for a driver’s license, just lost his identity card, and the ID cards will take 2 months to come out, so Hwang took my cousin’s identity card to Huanggang to participate in the driving test, and achieved the B2 driving license. From a driver’s license to be seized, Huang has 6 years of driving experience, but his cousin’s fraudulent use of identity has not been found in the traffic police department, he even forgot to have my driver’s license, but did not think the traffic police department to change. At noon on September 6, 2016, Huang Huangmei eat at a friend’s house, the face of a friend’s hospitality, usually only drink two bottles of beer, he probably drank yiliangduo liquor. At 20 pm, knowing that they don’t drink and drive Huang holding a heart, driving Hubei J-H6Hxx small car to go home, did not expect to come home and seized by police on the spot. At present, Hwang due to the holding of B2 driver’s license and I do not agree with the identity, drunk driving motor vehicles under criminal detention. (Zhang Jiange Han Jun)相关的主题文章: