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The mid autumn day now three poaching of national "three" animal distress – Beijing Beijing Morning News Hotline news (reporter Guo Dan) Mid Autumn Festival holiday, are "working overtime" while the migratory birds as profit. According to the protection of migratory birds in public organizations, they have found three sets of poachers captured in the capital around the crime against the wind, migrating birds, including municipal, national protected birds, bird protection volunteers found the police the first time poaching, and clapnet were removed. Autumn is a migratory mass migration and cluster activities of the season, is the high incidence of illegal bird. The State Forestry Bureau in September 14th also issued a document specifically pointed out that the requirements of the competent forestry departments at all levels to crack down on luanbulanlie eating birds and other wild animal abuse of illegal activities, for the safety of wild animal migration and create good conditions for reproduction. However, in the notice issued after the Mid Autumn Festival on the same day, the capital appeared poachers crime against the wind, distribution of migratory birds in the three capture. According to the protection of migratory birds in public organizations about the morning of September 15th, in the eight village on the south side of Haidian District Town, paddy fields, bird protection volunteers found in patrol, three poachers and clapnet. "From the modus operandi, three people should be professional Fowler, the first is to capture the second site specifically drove, the clapnet 4 20 meter long net". The volunteers on the Internet to see three Bramblings and a Siberian Rubythroat caught. Beijing Morning Post reporter inquiry found that these two species of birds belonging to Beijing City, the protection of animals two. See this case, volunteers immediately alarm. Law enforcement officers arrived, the poachers and bird tools away, live bird put direct capture. Subsequently, volunteers will rest clapnet demolition. But at the same time, another group of volunteers in the vicinity of the northwest gate Cun BA Xiang Chaoyang District Huantie club in the woods also found professional poachers. In the forest public security situation has not appeared, the volunteers decided to put the net will be removed, white eye, yellow browed birds such as the rescue flying, a tail is not full of Eophona migratoria shelter, to grow feathers before flying. The reporter inquiry that the arrested eyebrows have been included in the national "three" animal directory. In the evening, at the Tongzhou District new Feng River Road intersection on the eastern side, there are four people set up in the roadside weeds clapnet found a resident in running, and then hiding in the bushes waiting to capture, the residents for volunteers, volunteers for the first time to Tongzhou Forest Public Security alarm. In this regard, public welfare organization called for protection of migratory birds, luanbulanlie bird behavior, law enforcement officials hope to take the initiative, repeatedly reported to the masses bird site should strengthen law enforcement, a complete end to poachers behavior. Clue: Ma – related news Dongba country park people catapult bird Beijing morning news (reporter Zhang Jingshu) live news recently some people reflect, Dongba country park one bird with a slingshot. Yesterday, the Beijing morning news reporters to visit the park, the park management office said it was shot the bird with a slingshot and a spring gun, there are security inspections, found time to stop. Reporters came to the east country park, the park has rich vegetation, and the middle lake, also many birds in the garden. Witnesses reflected in the hospital.相关的主题文章: