The Ministry of Public Security the first extradition of 1 fugitives from the French fox hunting act-pullip

The Ministry of Public Security: the first extradition of 1 fugitives from the French original title fox hunting action: the Ministry of Public Security: "fox hunting action" for the first time in extraditing a fugitive in new network on 19 September, according to the Ministry of public security news website, recently, the French police assistance and Chinese Embassy in France to fit under the Ministry of public security, "fox hunting action" the working group will be wanted by the public security organs in Zhejiang province Chen suspects escorted home from France, the French extradition treaty entered into force in 2015 after the first successful Extradition between China and france. According to the Ruian Municipal Public Security Bureau on December 2013 investigation, from February 2009 to May 2012, the suspect Chen without the approval of the financial regulatory authorities, the illegal absorption of public funds more than 2000 yuan of rmb. In March 2013 France Chen abscond. September 2014, the Ruian Municipal People’s Procuratorate on suspicion of illegal deposits from the public to approve the arrest of Chen’s crime; in the same year on November, Interpol issued a red alert. After work, in October 28, 2015 the French police arrested chen. Subsequently, China based on the extradition treaty between France and China through diplomatic channels to the French request for extradition. After hearing, France decided to extradite chen. In September 14th, the French police Chen at the Paris Airport will be transferred to the Ministry of public security "fox hunting action" working group. In September 15th 12, Chen was escorted to BeiJing Capital Airport. It is understood that this is the first fugitive French extradition treaty after the entry into force of the extradition from France, a major breakthrough in the hunt for suspects fled france. The case also after Italy, Spain and other countries, and a classic case of successful China extradition in European countries, to promote the pursuit of work in European countries further accumulated experience. The Ministry of public security official said, the public security organs will always adhere to the "must escape chase, a catch in the end" concept, effective communication with law enforcement departments, to do all the work overseas pursuit stolen goods. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: