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The monkey in the University. "The big brother" in advance to report? The monkey climbed up the window (image courtesy of informants) not school, "big brother" to school report said, this monkey has been wandering around for a month in Guangxi News Network – Contemporary al Hayat in Nanning (reporter Meng Jinhuang Intern Xie Runyi) August 29th morning 10 am, a "monkey" went to the upcoming opening of Nanning school report, which brings a lot of fun for the school teachers and students. But after the monkey in the campus to stay more than 1 hours, and ran out of the campus disappear without a trace. Forest police said that the monkey has been wandering in Nanning for a long time, if the masses encountered the monkey, do not hurt it, but also pay attention to protect themselves from injury. "The monkey classmate, do you notice with it", "an English class four monkeys study road"…… The morning of August 29th, which only appear in the Nanning campus of the macaque, instantly become the focus of the students, many students of the circle of friends is the "monkey" scraper. According to the Nanning college run Propaganda Department Li Jinyong teacher, "monkey" was first found in one building, two floor corridor, when it is over the garbage can. After a teacher found that the camera to share all the teachers in the group, causing the interests of teachers and students. In order to prevent monkey injury, the school sent two security personnel to care. The observation found that the monkey very docile, dare by neighbor, but see the security tool, on the alert to the staff dormitory area, along the main climb up the window, climbed to the five or six storey tower, let the crowd is worried about it. The school contacted the forest public security, but 11:30 Xu, the monkey jumped out of the campus along the fence, I do not know. The monkey turn trash in the corridor the reporter learned that, after a month after the masses, said the monkey has appeared in North Road, Anji Road, Shang Yao village, Baisha Avenue, Liangqing Town, from the time and route analysis and description of the masses of the monkey, the police think forest public security appears very the same may be a monkey. Police, due to the reduction of illegal hunting, the ecological environment has become better, people’s awareness of the protection of animals to enhance the situation of wildlife close to humans is not surprising. Police have been concerned about this monkey, found that it does not hurt people, do not attack people, but when someone close to handheld devices, they will run away. Monkeys are clever and lovely, but the police still remind the masses, if you encounter the monkey, the first not to hurt it; secondly to ensure that does not hurt, don’t tease, chase it, don’t climb close to it, not the crowd, to avoid danger.相关的主题文章: