The murder case of Jia Jinglong approved the death penalty more than a professor called on to spare

The murder case of Jia Jinglong approved the death penalty more than a professor called on to spare the life "Jia Jinglong data figure core tip: in October 24th, is approved by the Supreme People’s court ruled that the seventh day book served on the Jia Jinglong case to death. Jia Jinglong in Hebei for murder demolitions hanging by a line of time, the supreme law of the death penalty ruling also sparked widespread doubts jurisprudence and lawyer, Jia Jinglong think that sin not unto death. "The Supreme Court ruled that the death penalty approval book has served to defend people. The court of first instance usually carries out the death penalty within 7 days after receiving the order of the Supreme People’s court. We don’t know whether the death penalty order has been issued. Time is pressing!" October 22nd, East China University of politics and law, said Dr. Liu Hong. Dr. Liu Hong has been concerned about the Hebei village Party Secretary Jia Jinglong shot case these days a worry and busy. In October 18th the Supreme People’s Court on the murder case of Jia Jinglong’s death penalty approval after the ruling is served, the last afternoon she finally ousted in October 21st last week, work day, and Si Weijiang together with the help of lawyer Jia Jinglong sister Jia Jingyuan drafted the "Jia Jinglong intentional homicide death penalty to stop execution of applications", and the courier sent to the Supreme People’s court and the Hebei Provincial Higher People’s court. "We haven’t given up yet." Jia Jingyuan’s tone is full of fatigue, the ability to save his brother’s life, she was not sure. Jia Jinglong after the incident, she had two applications to meet with his brother but was not allowed, then no application. The murder case of Jia Jinglong’s death penalty also led to a public discussion, including the Peking University, Tsinghua University, Zhang Qianfan He Haibo, many legal scholars and lawyers appealed to Jia Jinglong, not until the crime. The marriage room demolitions massacre in February 19, 2015 Lunar New Year’s day, North Camp village of Changan District city of Shijiazhuang Hebei Jia Jinglong raised his gun, at the village Party branch secretary He Jianhua’s head, to be shot on the spot in the field of the party. Jia Jinglong then abandoned the gun to drive away, the car was hit by the villagers stopped, the police rushed to its control. At this time, Jia Jing body multiple injuries, comminuted fracture of the right leg. Once all this is due to demolitions in May 7, 2013". Case data show that in November 2009, North Camp village committee to post an announcement way announced to the villagers Village meeting old village of the village decided. The village of the old village renovation program and relocation compensation program, including Jia Jinglong’s home in the village of the villagers questioned, mainly dissatisfied with the demolition compensation. Because they did not get a reply, after Jia Jinglong home and village relocation compensation few families do not agree to move. Jia Jingyuan told reporters to see the news Knews, from then on, the village’s benefits are not a single hair." According to the Jia Jinglong verdict book lists Jia Jinglong father Jia Tongqing’s testimony, Jia Tongqing refused to sign the demolition agreement signed on, he lived in the village’s relocation compensation is also affected, especially over eight years old was the village stopped living security benefits. Relatives of his family refused to sign the demolition agreement began to complain. Under these circumstances, in November 10, 2010, Jia Tongqing in the absence of the consent of his son, daughter agreed with the village committee signed a house demolition agreement. After his father signed the agreement,相关的主题文章: