The nearest distance with happiness Chiba jewelry to create the most beautiful wedding season diamondprox

Happiness and the nearest distance   Chiba jewelry to create the most beautiful wedding season – Fashion – "may have five thousand roses and your words as like as two peas in the world, but only you are the one and only my rose," the little prince and he rose, as the world thousands of couples, each of the party is the only. In August 21st, Chiba jewelry to "BRIDES" the bride magazine in Suofeite Hotel organized a "Prince of roses" theme wedding show, with dreams of the rose garden, reflecting the beauty of love, with bright jewelry was the scene of the lovers, offer the most sincere wishes. In this field by the French writer Antoine de Saint Exupery??? The most famous short story "the little prince" is inspired by the "Prince of roses" theme wedding show, people feel like being a gorgeous and elegant wedding, fantastic light will present guests into a dazzling journey. The luxurious banquet hall was dressed like a charming rose garden. The golden frame is full of classical classical charm, more mysterious. Exquisite wedding dessert, tempting with taste buds, enchanting aroma and happiness. The wedding show also focused on creating a wedding Bible, so that the new people can solve all the problems of the wedding preparation. Love jewelry, engraved with the most true happiness, in order to help newcomers to choose the most beautiful wedding jewelry in Chiba wedding show 100 wedding ring, ring and wedding jewelry theme, subject to the new people to create a dazzling jewelry feast, with the most dazzling jewelry is the most romantic. The sound of music, the melody, a jewelry encounter wedding theme show here gracefully staged. Exquisite wedding dress in the background of jewelry is more gorgeous, reflecting the bride’s most happy face. The wedding show featured star – Chiba jewelry series, three flower series, garden series, four series of fine jewelry jewelry, with brilliant light and beautiful design to win the applause of the guests. Whether it is soft or pearl, diamond shine, every piece of jewelry in Chiba are full of love and commitment to each other. The wedding show for the upcoming "Chiba fashion wedding season" and write a gorgeous Overture, into September, Chiba jewelry cordial "fashion wedding season" for the new well selection for many diamonds, condensed into the fingertips the most dazzling happiness, let the Lord of the rings, the interpretation of the most steadfast commitment between lovers. The September wedding season, Chiba jewelry counter, enjoy romantic courtesy. (commissioning editor: Liu Boxue, Li?)相关的主题文章: