The network about the new car matching rules recently landed local edition controversy sorpack

The network about the new car matching rules recently landed "local edition" controversial about the implementation of the new deal with network car into a month countdown, relevant supporting details will be concentrated on landing. In September 28th, the "Economic Information Daily" reporters from the Ministry of transport routine briefing that the Interim Measures for the administration of the end of July, net about deepening the reform of taxi car after the release, "online booking taxi service standards" and a series of matching rules have also been recently released to formulate complete. At the same time, according to the principle of "one city, one policy", the local transportation departments are also studying the relevant implementation of the program and detailed rules. It is worth noting that the current "local version" network about car new regulations are in the critical period of interaction between policy and public opinion, the controversy continues. The Ministry of transport spokesman Xu Chengguang introduced at the press conference, the deepening of reform and the network distance taxi car about the Interim Measures issued for two months, during the transportation department to modify the "Regulations" management of taxi driver qualification and "taxi management service management regulations" two departmental regulations, and released in September 9th. At the same time, the development of industry standards "online booking taxi service standards", to seek the views of the public, and according to the comments, the standards were revised and improved, the recent implementation will be released. In addition, the Ministry of transport is organizing the construction of network supervision information interaction platform reservation rental car, by means of information technology innovation supervision mode, improve the industry regulatory capacity. And, in conjunction with relevant departments in accordance with the provisions of the two documents, on the network about cars online identification, the whole process of supervision, the meter timing matters related to equipment, vehicle registration and driver background review, study and formulate supporting rules for the operation, to be released in the near future. According to the requirements of local transportation departments to local conditions, a city of a policy, in line with the development of the reform of the local conditions and implementation rules, make the implementation of the policy ground work. Reporters noted that some of the local rules currently being consulted for public opinion caused great controversy. "There is now some local governments in the development of local network about car policy, excessive set of administrative license, especially on the quantity control and qualification setting the traditional taxi management in the network, for about the car and taxi even more stringent management as like as two peas. This is actually a misinterpretation of the central policy." Research Institute of China University of Political Science and Law Dean Wang Jingbo proposed in the government under the rule of law, regulation, management, from the traditional tube car, to change the direction of tube operation behavior.

网约车新政配套细则近期落地 “地方版”存争议   随着网约车新政实施进入一个月倒计时,相关配套细则将密集落地。9月28日,《经济参考报》记者从交通运输部例行发布会上了解到,继7月底出租车深化改革以及网约车暂行管理办法发布后,《网络预约出租汽车运营服务规范》等一系列配套细则也已研究制定完成,拟于近期发布。同时,按照一城一策原则,各地交通运输部门也在研究相关落实方案和细则。值得注意的是,目前“地方版”网约车新规正处于政策与民意互动磨合的关键时期,争议不断。   交通运输部新闻发言人徐成光在发布会上介绍,距离出租车深化改革和网约车暂行管理办法发布已有两个月,期间,交通部修改了《出租汽车驾驶员从业资格管理规定》和《出租汽车经营服务管理规定》两个部门规章,并于9月9日发布。同时,制定行业标准《网络预约出租汽车运营服务规范》,向社会公开征求意见,并根据征求意见情况,对标准内容进行了修改完善,近期将发布实施。   此外,交通运输部正在组织建设网络预约出租汽车监管信息交互平台,用信息化手段创新监管模式,提高行业监管能力。并且,会同相关部门根据两个文件的规定,就网约车线上能力认定、全过程监管、计程计时设备、车辆登记和驾驶员背景审查等有关事项,研究制定配套操作细则,拟于近期发布。   根据要求,各地交通运输主管部门要因地制宜,一城一策,研究制定符合本地实际情况的改革实施方案和细则,做好政策落地实施工作。   记者注意到,目前正在征询公众意见的部分地方细则引发较大争议。“现在出现了一些地方政府在制定地方网约车政策的时候,过度设置行政许可,尤其是依赖传统出租车管理中的数量管制、资格设置等,对于网约车实行了和出租车一模一样甚至更加严苛的管理方式。这实际上是对中央政策的一种曲解。”中国政法大学法治政府研究院院长王敬波建议,在管制方式上,应从传统的管人、管车,向管运营行为方向转变。相关的主题文章: