The new 56 Road 8 line dragon Avenue interval bus to fill the blank seaway

The new 56 Road 8 line dragon Avenue interval fill the bus blank reporters yesterday from the city traffic Commission was informed that, in order to improve the city center bus travel environment, proposed the new way to adjust the 56 interval 8 bus lines. According to the adjustment opinion, the draft shows that the 56 road interval will extend into the avenue of dragon, to fill the gaps in Xuhui Binjiang near the regional bus. In order to facilitate the transfer of rail transit lines 1, 3 and 7 to the northern residents, a number of new buses will be opened up. According to the latest advisory opinion of the official website of the Traffic Commission, the 8 bus lines involved 3 new lines, 4 lines adjustment, 1 lines extension. The 56 interval will be fully adjusted to distance from the current 5.5 km line will be extended to 8.9 km, from Longhua Road station by Kay Kay Road, Longhua Road, Dongan road road, rinnen Road, dragon road, Longyao Road, road, road, water dragon brocade Long Wu Road and other areas open for. Bus two company disclosed that the 56 road interval is based on feedback collection opinions, mainly to fill the gap of Longteng Avenue bus, extending the line. At the same time, bus adjustment plan, 3 lines of new base is located in Baoshan, Yangpu area, mainly to facilitate Wuwei road relocation base and travel more residential areas, effectively rail 1, 3, 7, 10. In addition, the adjustment of the bus line also includes 113 Road, Shanghai and Tang dedicated line, 805 road and extension of 725 road.

新辟调整56路区间8条线路 龙腾大道填补公交空白记者昨天从市交通委获悉,为改善中心城区公交出行环境,拟对56路区间等8条公交线路进行新辟调整。根据调整意见征询稿显示,56路区间将延伸入龙腾大道,填补徐汇滨江临近区域公交空白问题。而为方便北部居民换乘轨交1、3、7号线,多条公交将新辟。根据交通委官网最新意见征询稿,本次8条公交线路涉及3条新辟,4条线路调整、1条线路延伸。其中56路区间将全面调整走向,路程也从目前5.5公里延伸至8.9公里,线路将自凯滨路龙华中路站经凯滨路、龙华中路、东安路、瑞宁路、龙腾大道、龙耀路、云锦路、龙水南路、龙吴路等区域开行。巴士二公司透露,56路区间是根据意见收集反馈,主要填补龙腾大道公交空白,延伸线路。同时,公交调整计划中,3条线路新辟基本位于宝山、杨浦地区,主要是方便武威东路动迁基地以及多个居民区出行,有效衔接轨交1、3、7、10号。另外,调整的公交线路还包括113路、沪唐专线、805路以及延伸725路。相关的主题文章: