The new Starbucks Hwan new food delicious leisure life and Kam – Sohu drop dead diva

The new delicious leisure life Starbucks Hwan new food Kam – Sohu and a few days ago, Starbucks held a bright new food in Xiamen SM two Starbucks stores, just to attend, culture and new Starbucks experience. Starbucks as the world’s leading coffee chain, there will always be new products, this is the taste of this quarter’s new food. These new products are recommended and Starbucks coffee collocation host introduced some coffee culture of Starbucks, we also enjoy the high quality coffee Eclair: new colorful sweet and delicious, with a coffee just good, love this. Starbucks recommends: Fu Rui collocation latte, cappuccino, white, Lorna, Earl of Black Tea Buddha coffee, espresso roasted coffee double cheese ham toast: cheese flavor of ham salty aroma and soft toast taste rich tomato pasta: complement each other Bacon butterfly modeling exquisite, several ingredients and a clever collocation with aromatic acid, especially the most there are pasta. French crispy croissant: crispy and delicious sweet taste is this,. Professional Pastry process to create 16 layers of praise but delicious French classic food chicken and Mushroom Pie: combination of mushroom and chicken is more like a Chinese feel, the Starbucks of the two kind of chewy and fresh ingredients to make this very sincere for leisure. Beef and potato pie: tender crisp red wine beef and dense and Mashed Potato milk, beef is rich enough, collocation is very delicious. This time a total of twelve new products, the overall characteristics of each, and some are very collocation representing various taste of the coffee show Starbucks coffee beverage table exquisite pastry. Let us know more about some coffee culture, as well as a variety of fruits, a very good new experience.相关的主题文章: