The New Zealand dollar is depressed by inflation expectations, and the Aussie dollar disk is

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The New Zealand dollar was depressed by inflation expectations, the Australian dollar disk held firm FX168 news on Tuesday (February 16th), the Asia Pacific period, the New Zealand dollar fell, inflation expectations fell to record lows in New Zealand, making the country’s policy makers to bear further pressure to cut interest rates. Neniu day dollar fell short of 85 points to 0.6589, interest rate futures market is expected to rise, because the Reserve Bank of New Zealand in the earliest 3 month interest rates increased the probability of. The quarterly survey of the Federal Reserve’s outlook on the economy shows that inflation is expected to slow down to 1.09% in 1 years, down from 1.51% 3 months ago, the lowest level since the start of the survey in 1987. New Zealand’s inflation rate is expected to drop to 1.63% in the next 2 years, the lowest level since 1994. The data was a blow to the New Zealand Federal Reserve’s effort to push up consumer prices, with inflation at 0.1% last year. The New Zealand Federal Reserve has warned that the decline in inflation expectations may prompt the central bank to take further policy actions. Investors are waiting for the latest GlobalDairyTrade auction results. Dairy products are New Zealand’s largest export category, futures prices show that the overall price of milk powder fell by 10%. In the meantime, the Australian dollar rose to 0.7177 from the early 0.7130, further down from last week’s lows of 0.6973. If the Australian dollar can stand on the 0.7242 may 0.73 test, since the beginning of January the exchange rate has not touched the water level. Beijing time 13:55, Australian dollar 0.714953, New Zealand dollar 0.659398. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

纽元受通胀预期打压走软 澳元亚盘持坚   FX168讯 周二(2月16日)亚太时段,纽元兑美元下跌,新西兰通胀预期下滑至纪录低位,令该国政策制定者承受进一步降息的压力。   日内纽元兑美元短线下跌85个点至0.6589,利率期货上涨,因市场预期新西兰联储最早在3月降息的机率升高。   新西兰联储就经济前景的季度调查显示,受访者预计通胀率会在1年后放缓至1.09%,低于3个月之前的1.51%,创1987年调查开始以来的最低水平。   新西兰未来2年通胀率预期也大幅降至1.63%,为1994年以来最低水平。   该数据对于新西兰联储旨在推升消费者物价的努力是个打击,去年底通胀率仅为0.1%。新西兰联储已经警告称,通胀预期下滑可能促使央行采取进一步的政策行动。   投资者还在等待最新一次的GlobalDairyTrade拍卖结果。奶制品是新西兰最大的出口类别,期货价格显示整体奶粉价格料下降10%。   此外,日内澳元兑美元也自稍早的0.7130一线附近升至0.7177,进一步脱离上周低点0.6973。如果澳元 美元能站上0.7242,则可能测试0.73,1月初以来汇价还未触及过这一水位。   北京时间13:55,澳元 美元报0.7149 53,纽元 美元报0.6593 98。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: