The nine Mian expressway is about to start in Chengdu for 4 hours to Jiuzhaigou at the end of 2021 (-x3210

Chengdu nine cotton highway will start at the end of 2021 to 4 hours to Jiuzhaigou – reporter Zou Junchuan in September 19th, the concern of the nine cotton high-speed construction mobilization meeting held. It is understood that the nine Mian expressway is 241.6 kilometers long, including 54.3 km in Aba state (micro-blog) and 187.3 kilometers in Mianyang (micro-blog). It will be completed by the end of 2021 by the end of 2021, and then Chengdu will go to Jiuzhaigou (micro-blog) for 4 hours. Nine sheep from Jiuzhaigou Sichuan Gansu high-speed circles Qinglong bridge, Tsing Lung Bridge Connection and two water – G8513 highway network planning in Gansu expressway, Beichuan Pingwu County, Mianyang City, Jiangyou (micro-blog), ended in Youxian District Dong Lin Xiang Zhang Jia Ping, docking completed miansui high-speed chengmian wide high speed will be built; be connected to the economic belt and the Silk Road Economic Belt Yangtze River Highway North South Corridor, and greatly enhance Jiangyou, Beichuan, Pingwu and Jiuzhaigou and other areas along the disaster prevention capabilities, the development of tourism resources along, help along the Qiang and Tibetan ethnic groups of people out of poverty, maintaining regional stability and national unity of great significance. People are looking forward to a more convenient trip to Jiuzhaigou, but at the same time, they are concerned about another set of figures: the total investment of the project is 41 billion 760 million yuan, with an average cost of 170 million yuan per kilometer. Why are nine high speeds difficult to repair? "The geological conditions along the nine high speed lines are very complex, and the ecological environment is very fragile." Mianyang City Transportation Bureau official told reporters on line plan, it has a high speed in the 5· (micro-blog); 12 "Wenchuan earthquake disaster area, through the Longmen Mountain Fault Zone, active fault zone reached 10 on the line, the bad geological phenomenon of landslide, collapse, mud rock flow and karst more. Taking the Baima tunnel, the nine high-speed control project under construction, for example, the tunnel is more than 2100 meters above sea level and has a total length of 13.1 kilometers. There are bad geological conditions such as coal seam gas, large deformation and water inrush and so on. Meanwhile, under the influence of bad weather conditions, the tunnel is very difficult to construct. The geological influence is only one aspect. Nine sheep from Jiangyou high-speed into Beichuan, Pingwu and Jiuzhaigou, the landform is the mountain valleys, the entire tunnel ratio as high as 76%, in the local large longitudinal slope section and frozen snow line. In addition, it is also a difficult problem to find a safe yard because the excavation of a tunnel will produce a large amount of slag. There is only a longitudinal channel of G247 (original S205) along the nine high speed line, and the transportation of building materials will be very difficult after it is started. Editor’s note: the video has nothing to do with the original text. It is only for extended reading nine high speed research reports through censorship

九绵高速公路即将开工 2021年底成都4小时到九寨沟□本报记者 邹俊川9月19日,备受关注的九绵高速举行开工动员大会。据了解,九绵高速公路全长241.6公里,其中阿坝州(微博)境内54.3公里,绵阳 (微博)境内187.3公里。按规划将于2021年年底建成通车,此后成都去九寨沟(微博)4个小时即可到达。九绵高速起于九寨沟川甘界青龙桥,与G8513甘肃省高速公路网规划的两水-青龙桥高速公路衔接,经绵阳市平武县、北川(微博)、江油,止于游仙区东林乡张家坪,对接已建成的绵遂高速成绵广高速;建成后将成为连接长江经济带和丝绸之路经济带的高速公路南北大通道,并极大地提升江油、北川、平武和九寨沟等沿线地区的抗灾防灾能力,对开发沿线旅游资源,帮助沿线羌族、藏族等少数民族群众脱贫致富,维护地区稳定和民族团结意义重大。人们在期待去九寨沟旅游更方便的同时,也关注到了另一组数字:项目估算总投资417.6亿元,平均每公里造价达1.7亿元。九绵高速为何难修?“九绵高速沿线地质情况十分复杂,生态环境十分脆弱。”绵阳市交通运输局相关负责人向记者摊开线路规划图介绍,这条高速有一段处于“5·12”汶川(微博)特大地震极重灾区,穿越龙门山断裂带等活动性断裂带达10条,线路上滑坡、崩塌、泥石流和岩溶等不良地质现象较多。以正在建设的九绵高速控制性工程白马隧道为例,该隧道海拔2100米以上,全长13.1公里,隧道内有煤层瓦斯、大变形、涌突水等不良地质,同时受恶劣气象条件的影响,施工难度极大。地质影响只是一方面。九绵高速从江油进入北川、平武和九寨沟后,地貌全是高山峡谷,全线桥隧比高达76%,局部处于长大纵坡路段和冰冻积雪线上。此外,由于挖掘隧道会产生大量弃渣,找到安全堆场也是一大难题。九绵高速沿线只有G247(原S205)一条纵向通道,开工后,建筑材料运输也将非常困难。编者注:该视频与原文无关,仅供扩展阅读 九绵高速可研报告通过审查相关的主题文章: