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The police watch for drunk beaten bite police jailed for original title: because the police car blocking the line of sight to watch the police beating drunk impact bite jailed for   legal network news reporter Ma Chao correspondent Zhou Shuangyan in March 2016, there was a traffic accident in Jiangsu province Shuyang County Shucheng street intersection, police, auxiliary police Zhao Kang alarm the police driving a police car to deal with the traffic accident. A drunk man: onlookers at the scene, the police car parked position that blocked his view, affect his watch, then kicked the police, and police beatings, bite. Recently, the Shuyang county court hearing of the case of obstruction of public affairs, according to the law, the defendant made a chapter guilty of obstruction of official crime, sentenced to eight months. The court found: March 30, 2016 21 am, Shuyang County Public Security Bureau police, auxiliary police Zhao Kang to Shucheng street Shuyang County School North Road and Weihai road junction at the police traffic accident. Two people driving the police car driving to the intersection, the defendant chapter of a drunken unprovoked kicked the police and put his hand into the cab, beating on the head Zhao Kang, want to get off to beating another person accused of a chapter constrained control, accused of beating a chapter then Zhao, Zhao bite, caused by right arm multiple injuries. After identification, Zhao Mouyou upper arm and right forearm around the soft tissue injuries are minor injuries. In recent years, impede the implementation of public, violence and other criminal acts against the law have occurred, if not effectively curbed the momentum, will seriously interfere with the staff of state organs normal official activities, contributed to the anti violence law arrogance, which not only threatens the government employee’s personal safety, but also a violation of the the official activities of state organs, disrupting public order, a serious provocation of legal authority. Source: Legal Network Editor: Wu Yan相关的主题文章: