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Self-Improvement In my previous article, How to Conquer Hopelessness: 5 Steps to Break the Pattern of Despair and Negative Thinking , I said the key is to prevent the vicious cycle of hopelessness from beginning before it a pattern and forms a stronghold in your life. And I showed you that you have the power to stop it and change your mind. Apart from the 5 Steps to Break the Pattern of Despair and Negative Thinking, there is on other major defense against Hopelessness: The Power of Hope. What is hope? Its the belief in something bigger and more substantial than merely my material surroundings and circumstances. That raises the question are you and I part of something bigger or are we simply a passing parade and our lives prone to the whims of circumstances? The reason why you can have hope is that you and I are indeed part of something bigger and more substantial than what we see around us every day. You are part of an awesome and unique creation that did not materialize out of nothing. You are part of a vast creation that is constantly creating and brimming with life there are more than 250 billion stars in the universe and about 100 billion other galaxies. Our Milky Way galaxy is but a tiny dwarf in this vast expanse. And out of this vast universe you were created! A profound and enormously important fact scientists have discovered is that humans are created from the same material that is contained in the stars and galaxies of the universe. You are indeed wonderfully and magnificently created out of star matter. YOU ARE CREATED WITH THE SAME UNLIMITED CREATIVE POTENTIAL CONTAINED IN THE UNIVERSE! You are created with plan and purpose! YOUR PRESENCE ON EARTH IS NOT AN ACCIDENT, NOR IS IT COINCIDENTAL. There has been intricate and special design, plan and purpose in the creation of the universe, and the same design, plan, and purpose went into creating you. You have meaning and destiny in this life! And that is why you can have hope. It doesnt matter if circumstances in your life does not always work out perfectly; it does not matter if you make some mistakes; it does not matter if everyday is not a winneryour destiny does not only hinge on your performance. There are greater plan and purpose with your life. And allowing yourself to belief that your creator sometimes carries you when you are tired opens a wellspring of hope in your life. Because there has been intricate and special design, plan and purpose for your life, you can have the hope that dark nights will end with a brilliant sunrise; dark and ominous storms will pass; a trek through a desert landscape will eventually bring you to a refreshing oasis. I know it does not change the reality of difficult times, but holding on to the hope that you will one day get through it an anchor. You are not merely drifting through life, you are important enough that the one that created this vast universe will also sustain you through tough times. The other day I watched a remarkable story of hope and faith. I came across the video of Corrie ten Boom, The Hiding Place. It tells the story of a Dutch family that at the advent of WWII and Nazi invasion of Holland refused to let Jews be sent to camps in Germany. Corrie ten Boom and her family provided shelter to fleeing Jewish refugees and helped them to escape from Holland to safety. Eventually it cost them their own freedom when she and her family were captured. During the years in prison camps she lost her father, sister and all her brothers. Before her sister died in the prison camp Corrie promised her to hold on to hope and to one day tell their story. She was miraculously released due to a clerical error just before all women of her age were put to death. Despite being alone after the war, she eventually visited 61 countries spreading their story of remarkable hope against all odds to triumph over evil. She lived to be 91 years old and over the years played a prominent role in reaching out to suffering people behind the Iron Curtain in .munist Russia. In these times of looming hopelessness, not only do you need to break its vicious cycle, you need to develop a stronghold of hope. Hold on, keep your faith, there is a new day .ing for you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: